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Plumbing Repair from Frank Gay Services

When plumbing fixtures leak, pipes rupture, or sewer lines falter, Frank Gay Services is here to plug the leaks and repair the damage. Sometimes, people take their plumbing system for granted. But it pays to be careful. Plumbing systems are vast and complex, and each component is as important as the last. A lot can go wrong. If you’re noticing an issue – such as a leaking pipe or slowly-emptying drains – chances are there’s an issue somewhere in the network of pipes found in your building. Fortunately, we have a sterling reputation, and we spend each day earning it with superior plumbing services. Our Orlando, FL commercial clients are better for it.

Our Plumbing Services

We understand how complex plumbing systems are, so we offer a comprehensive collection of plumbing services to our customers. We want your commercial property to operate as smoothly as possible, so we work hard to ensure we have a solution ready. More importantly, we offer 24/7 service to all our clients, making them feel comfortable and at ease. If you have unusual circumstances, don’t hesitate to ask Frank Gay Services’ dedicated customer service representatives for help. Lastly, we’re always expanding our coverage of plumbing issues. Just a few of our plumbing services include:

Drain Cleaning

Throughout your building, drains are hard at work, moving water from sinks and tubs to the lower reaches of your plumbing system. They play an important role in ferrying wastewater to your sewer lines and away from your building. When one stops working, so does everything else. We offer drain cleaning services to ensure these vital components continue doing their job. Also, our representatives can clear bathtub and sink drains by utilizing an array of techniques, including drain jetting.

Complete Toilets

We’re dedicated to providing our customers with variety. Frank Gay Services knows no two customers are the same. If you own a business with a particular reputation, you might have a style preference you want to be extended throughout the building. For instance, we’ve designed groovy toilets and futuristic toilets for customers running all manner of businesses. Call our office today if you have a special request, and our team will get to work accommodating it.


Our installation services are top-notch. Just as with toilets, we install faucets throughout buildings in Orlando. We can match your existing décor, too. So, if you have an interior decorating style, and you need a replacement faucet that matches it, we can help. We’ve installed a range of unique faucets in properties throughout our city.



Jetting Service

At Frank Gay Services, we believe in offering techniques and methods that efficiently unclog drains and sewer lines. Our jetting service enables us to powerfully flush obstructions from the pipes in your home, resulting in a better-finished product and a clearer drain system. Learn more about jetting services and contact us today to schedule an appointment.

Boiler Repair Service

Your building’s boiler serves far too valuable a role to fall by the wayside. We encourage you to invest in routine maintenance, as doing so will help prevent some of the more common breakdown issues. For everything else, Frank Gay Services provides expert boiler repairs. And, if you need a new boiler, we offer affordable yet high-quality options. Whatever you need, we can provide it.

Pipe Replacements

Sometimes, the pipes in your building can wear down and crack. This is especially true in older buildings. However, it is possible to replace segments of your piping without installing all-new pipes. We can help determine what’s best for you and provide you with an unbiased and honest assessment. Some of the symptoms of needing re-piping services include abnormally high water bills, rumbling or grinding noises, unpleasant odors, and reduced water pressure.

Sewer Line Repair

You’re responsible for maintaining the sewer line running from under your building to Orlando’s city sewer lines. So, if you’re experiencing trouble, you can’t rely on municipal help to fix any damage to your sewer line. Sewer line damage results from many internal and external forces, including growing tree roots, blockages, shifting soil, and grease build-up. We can find the issue and repair the damage.

Contact Frank Gay Services to Schedule an Appointment

In addition to plumbing services, Frank Gay Services assists commercial clients with their heating and cooling, refrigeration, electrical, and lift station needs. We’re proud of our ability to offer such a vast collection of services. We can do so because we extensively train each of our technicians and the State of Florida licensed and insured our company. If you’re looking for an honest plumbing, HVAC, or electrical provider who operates with integrity, then contact Frank Gay Services today.

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