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Boiler Repair Service

Boiler Repair Service

Water heating services are a specialty here at Frank Gay Services. In fact, we have an entire department dedicated to boiler systems. Our boiler department provides fast same day boiler repair service. We install and maintain boilers for huge local hotels and resorts. There is no boiler job to big or too small for Frank Gay Services!

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Boiler Survey

Have you wanted to have your boiler checked, but didn’t because you wondered how much it would cost? Well, Frank Gay Services offers free boiler survey and inspection. Prevent problems with your boiler by getting routine checks. Our boiler crew will survey and inspect all parts, and help avoid costly problems. Don’t let your boiler go by the way side!

Boiler Repair Service

Even though boilers are usually reliable, they are not immune to problems. Just like other machines, they will need maintenance and repair. Whenever you find yourself in need of boiler repair service. Frank Gay Services is ready to help so you can rest easy! Our experienced boiler repair service technicians know how to fix your problem fast. So, if you want your boiler to work at its best, call Frank Gay Services now.

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Boiler Installation

Finding a high-quality boiler installation service company is tough. Even though, there is plenty of plumbing companies that offer the service. Most are not experienced or trained in boiler systems. But, Our boiler installation team is the best in Orlando! One important factor of a good boiler install is the size of your boiler. Obviously, a boiler too small will result in poor performance. In the same respect, a boiler too big is overkill. In addition to, causing the boiler to short cycle frequently. So, this will cause damage to your boiler over time. Put your trust in a tried and true boiler installation company – Frank Gay Services. We will successfully install your boiler right the first time.

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Boiler Replacement

As you may or may not know, boilers are highly regarded for their great durability and lifespan. Although, no water heating system will last forever. A good boiler, with a proper installation, and maintenance can last a long time. Eventually, though, boiler repair service won’t be your best option. If you are at this point, it is time to get an experienced boiler replacement service. No matter if it is a residential or commercial boiler, we are the best boiler replacement company for the job. If you are not sure if you need a boiler replacement, we can help you find out. A number of factors must be looked at to see if a boiler replacement is your best option. We carry most brands and models of boiler systems. Like Lochinvar, Weil McLain, Rheem, and many more.

Boiler Maintenance

Keeping up with boiler maintenance is the best thing you can do to extend the life of your boiler. By doing so, you can prevent very costly repairs most of the time. A boiler that isn’t maintained is much more likely to break. Will you know when you boiler needs maintenance? Usually, not, that is why it’s best to get routine maintenance. However, you will know if you don’t get boiler maintenance regularly. Because your boiler system will most likely fail on you. So, how often should you call us for boiler maintenance? We recommend you get boiler testing and maintenance every six months for optimal performance.

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