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What Is the Ideal Temperature for My AC?

the best temp for air conditioning is 78

Air conditioning is essential to our daily lives here in Florida, but it can also add a significant amount to energy bills. If you don’t properly set your thermostat, you could be spending more money than necessary to cool your home.  


Scroll down to learn the best thermostat temperature to set your AC to throughout the year here.  



What is the highest temperature I can set my AC to  

before things become uncomfortable?  





What’s The Ideal AC Temperature?  

 The ideal ac temperature you set your thermostat to depends largely on your personal preference. After all, some people like their home environment a little nippy, and others prefer it to be warmer.  


Generally, when you are at home, your A/C’s ideal temperature is between 76- and 78-degrees Fahrenheit. If you spend most of the day away from the house, set the thermostat a few degrees higher instead of cooling your home for no reason. When you are in bed, you might want to lower the temperature.  


It is recommended that your thermostat be set to these levels and then adjusted to your comfort: 


  • 75°F when people are home or sleeping 
  • 80°F if no one is home  
  • 82°F when traveling 
  • 65°F or lower when temperatures drop  



So, like Is 75 A Good Temperature For Air Conditioning?

It’s no secret that summer in Florida is hot and humid. Setting your thermostat between 76 and 78 degrees might help you save money on energy costs, but what if your house still feels stuffy?  


Instead of adjusting the thermostat, bring out the fans. Ceiling fans, floor fans, or box fans help circulate the air. Surprisingly, a ceiling fan can lower the temperature in a room by four degrees!  


What Is “Normal” AC Temperature?  

 Although air conditioners run for much of the year in Florida, temperatures drop enough to turn the AC off for a few months and use the heat.  


Generally, these temperatures are recommended during the winter. 


  • Set the temperature from 68 to 72 degrees when people are home.  
  • When the house is empty or people are sleeping, 62 to 66 degrees is a good range.  




Programmable A/C Thermostat Settings 

Regularly adjusting the AC can be a bit inconvenient, and sometimes you forget to change the temperature when you leave for the day. Enter the programmable thermostat 


A programmable thermostat will change the temperature to a preset level whether you are out for the day, away on vacation, or at home getting ready for bed. A programmable thermostat will ensure that your air conditioning unit is running efficiently, which saves you money!  



Ask the experts at Frank Gay Services about preventative maintenance plans that will keep you comfortable year-round. We will service your AC unit every six months to make sure you get the full life from your system. Call us at   (407) 329-9808 to sign up today!  



Save On Your Energy Bill  


There are simple things you can do to enjoy a cool house and take some strain off your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) unit. During those steamy seasons, keep these tips in mind…  


Don’t Leave Your Windows Open  


You might think that a breeze from outside will help cool the house but, in reality, that air is inviting in sweltering heat and humidity. Closing the windows and turning off the lights will help keep your home much cooler.  


Close Your Blinds and Curtains  


To alleviate heat in your home, keep the blinds and curtains closed, especially during the day when it feels like a steam bath outside.  



Schedule Preventative Maintenance  


Get your HVAC unit inspected and maintained at least once a season to ensure that it is running at peak efficiency year-round.  



Prevent breakdowns: Why Floridians Need a Maintenance Plan for an HVAC System 



Stay Cool This Summer  


Save money while staying cool by setting your AC thermostat to the proper temperature throughout the day. If you made these changes and your energy bill is still high, your air conditioner or thermostat might need repairing 


Don’t sweat it! Call the pros at Frank Gay Services to tune up, service, and repair your HVAC system so you stay cool and comfortable this summer. We serve the Orlando, Winter Park and Tampa Bay areas. Call us to schedule an appointment, and we’ll be out right away —   (407) 329-9808 . 


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