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What Types of AC Repairs Do Your Technicians Perform?

At Frank Gay Services, we are available 24/7 for any necessary HVAC repairs. Our technicians begin with a thorough inspection of your entire HVAC system to determine the source of any problems and perform repairs from there.  




Whether your unit isn’t blowing cold air, is making loud noises, or won’t turn on at all, our technicians have the expertise to quickly identify and remedy the situation. In most instances, a simple repair or calibration is all that you will need.  


If issues are severe or more complex, we may recommend an entire AC unit replacement, but our trustworthy technicians will never suggest repairs or replacements that are unwarranted. We only perform the necessary repairs and maintenance to get you back to comfort. (Of course, if we see any additional issues, we will alert you and repair those too!) 


Restoring Your Cooling 


Typically, our technicians can restore the cooling ability of your AC unit by repairing the following: 



The compressor pressurized refrigerant so your system can release heat and keep you cool. Because it features a motor and complex wiring, repairs must be done by a professional.  


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Each HVAC unit has two fans: an evaporator and a condenser. We will inspect them for problems with the fan belts, motors, and blades.  




Refrigerant leaks can happen and without refrigerant, your entire AC unit could fail. Let our technicians address any leaks and issues. We can even recharge your refrigerant if needed.  


Preventative AC Maintenance  


Avoid potential air conditioner breakdowns, and schedule preventative maintenance for your air conditioning system annually, if not seasonally. Our technicians at Frank Gay Services will ensure that your HVAC unit is free of any problems so it can run at peak efficiency year-round.  


During a maintenance inspection, we will check the filters, condensers, motors, refrigerant levels, belts, and clear the drain line, if needed.  


We repair and maintain ductless, and mini-split AC systems, zoned air conditioning systems, high-efficiency units, smart thermostats, and offer competitive residential AC installation services for homeowners in the Greater Orlando area. 


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Stay Cool with Frank Gay Services 


When the weather really heats up, there is comfort in knowing that your house is cool and comfortable inside. Escape from the heat with Frank Gay Services! 


We have been serving the Greater Orlando, Florida area for more than four decades, and are licensed to perform any repairs and maintenance to your HVAC system. When you need the best AC company, look no further!  


Call us today to schedule a repair or preventative maintenance(407) 329-9808 .


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