How Long Do Smoke Detectors Last?


Though the smoke detectors in your home are likely not something that you think about often, they are important safeguards for your entire family. This is why it is crucial to know how long they last and the signs that they need to be replaced 


Our electricians at Frank Gay Services outline how long smoke detectors last as well as the signs that yours need to be replaced. Ready? Let’s go!  


The Importance of Smoke Detectors 


Having smoke detectors placed in various locations throughout your home allows for fast and effective smoke detection in case of a fire. The smoke detector’s shrill alarm will warn you day or night that there is a potential fire, allowing you to act fast to protect your family and home.  


When placed in the right location, the smoke detector can also help firefighters locate the fire quickly, allowing them to better focus their efforts and possibly prevent extensive damage to your home.  


While it can be easy to check smoke detector batteries and test them regularly, it is important to ensure that they are working properly. It could save your life.  



How Long Do Smoke Detectors Last?  


The National Fire Protection Association recommends replacing all smoke detectors when they are 10 years old. Why? Because over time, dust can gather inside the smoke detectors, wearing down the sensors. Older smoke detectors are less sensitive, which could mean that you’ll have less time to escape a fire by the time the alarm sounds.  


You should plan to replace your smoke detectors every 10 years. 


Even if your smoke detectors haven’t reached the 10-year mark, if it chirps even after you have replaced the battery or is yellowing, it’s time to replace them. We recommend replacing all the smoke detectors in your home at the same time, even if some are working.  


Need to replace your aged smoke detectors or have new ones hardwired in your home? Call on our electricians at Frank Gay Services at (407) 329-5145. We are happy to help!  


Maintaining Your Smoke Detectors 


  • We recommend homeowners replace their smoke detector batteries or the backup batteries in hardwired smoke alarms at least once a year.  
  • Test your alarms monthly to ensure that they are working properly.  


Signs It’s Time to Replace Your Smoke Detectors  


Here are a couple of ways to know if your smoke detector is going bad and when you should take action.  


You Hear a Chirping Sound 


A smoke alarm that is failing will chirp for a long time, sometimes indefinitely if it is hardwired into your home’s electricity. If you hear this chirping sound you will want to take action ASAP because it means that the batteries in your smoke detector—or the smoke detector itself— are going bad and need to be replaced.  


It is 10+ Years Old 


Age is a big indicator that it is time to replace your smoke detector. It’s simple- climb up on a ladder and take a look at the back of the alarm. There will be a manufactured date that tells you when the detector was made. If that date was 10 years ago or more, it’s time to replace it!  


Make sure to check all the smoke detectors around your home, as some of your smoke detectors might have been installed at a different time.  

It is Yellowing  


If your smoke detectors have turned yellow, there is no need to change the batteries or look at the manufacture date. The plastic used to produce smoke detectors contains Brominated Flame Retardants or BFRs, and these compounds turn yellow as they age or are exposed to UV light.  


If your smoke detector has turned yellow or yellowish brown, it is well past time for a replacement 


Professional Orlando Electricians  


To protect your family and your home from house fires, it is important to ensure that all the smoke detectors in your home are in good working order. Our team at Frank Gay Services can inspect your smoke detectors and install new ones if yours are out of date and in need of replacement. Plus, if you have a hardwired smoke detector system, we can service and install those too 


Don’t wait to replace your smoke detectors. It could save your life. Call Frank Gay Services at (407) 329-5145 to schedule smoke detector installation or replacement today