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Surviving the Summer Heat When Your Air Conditioner Breaks Down


The heat and humidity in Orlando, Florida, are back with the arrival of summer! Undoubtedly, you have your air conditioner running nonstop to keep your house cool. Unfortunately, your AC is more likely to break down during a blisteringly hot summer day—when you need it the most— than it is during our short Florida winters.


Many HVAC repairs could have been prevented through better maintenance or with a pre-summer inspection, but you’ll remember that next year- right?  


If your AC breaks down on one of the hottest days of the year, Frank Gay Services is just a phone call away, but in the meantime, here are some tips to survive the summer heat while help is on the way!  



#1. Use a Window Unit 


You might not have access to a window unit if your home has central air conditioning. But, 5000 BTU window air conditioners can be purchased for a little over $100 at a home improvement store, and they are always useful to have on hand in an emergency.



One window air conditioner in a small closed-off room can help you survive the summer heat while you are waiting on HVAC repairs.  



It may be necessary for your family to spend a few hours in a bedroom, but it’s better than getting too hot!


Did your HVAC break down in the middle of the night? Call on our electricians at Frank Gay Services for 24/7 emergency service at (407) 329-5145. We are happy to help!  


#2. Lower the Shades 


Natural light is beautiful, but if you have all the curtains and blinds open during the hottest part of the day, the sun’s rays are going to quickly heat up your space.  


To stay cool, draw the curtains closed and lower the shades. What you lack in natural light, you will make up for with a cooler atmosphere.  


Also, it is important to keep your windows closed. While many people think that open windows can help encourage a cross-breeze, it actually does very little to keep your house cool, and just introduces a lot of hot air into your home.  



#3. Take a Dip 


If the heat is unbearable in your house, take a dip in the pool! Whether you take the kids to the local pool or have one in your backyard, the water from the pool will absorb body heat far more efficiently than the air can. Just make sure you wear plenty of sunscreen! 


Don’t have access to a pool? Survive the heat with a cool bath or shower. 


#4. Turn Ceiling Fans Counterclockwise 


Most ceiling fans are set to move clockwise, which draws the air down towards the floor. While this is perfect to provide cool air when your AC is working, it won’t help much to keep you cool as it is essentially pulling down hot air.  


Remember: cooler air sinks. If you change the fan to rotate counterclockwise, it will help draw cool air from the bottom of the room and disperse it around your space.  


#5 Avoid Cooking Inside  


If your HVAC breaks down and you are waiting on repairs, don’t heat up your home with a stove or oven. Opt for uncooked meals like sandwiches or salads, grill outside on the patio, or better yet, take the family out for a meal in an air-conditioned restaurant!  


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Beat the Heat (Our Pros are Here 24/7) 


When your air conditioner breaks down, there’s no reason why you should suffer in the heat. Call on our team at Frank Gay Services for 24/7 emergency HVAC repairs in the Greater Orlando area. We have years of experience which allows us to repair your HVAC quickly and help restore cool air to your home as soon as we can.  


For HVAC repair, installation, and maintenance services, call Frank Gay Services today;  (407) 329-5145!   

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