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Adjusting Your Water Heater Temp to Save Money

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As an Orlando, FL homeowner, you’re well aware that summertime can be scorching, to say the least. It’s not uncommon for sweltering temperatures to hit the triple digits — but temperatures aren’t the only thing that can skyrocket during hot Orlando summers. Your electric bills can easily increase as your A/C unit works hard to keep you cool, too.

Thankfully, adjusting your water heater’s temperature is an easy way to take the burden off your wallet come summertime. As one of Orlando’s premier A/C repair and installation professionals, Frank Gay Services is here to quickly show you how to adjust the temperature on your water heater and the biggest benefits of doing so.

Why You Should Adjust Your Water Heater Temperature

Your water heater works around the clock to ensure you have hot water in your home whenever you need it. All this work, though, means that your heater is sucking up a ton of energy all day long. And when summer rolls around and outside temperatures are on the rise, there’s little reason for your water heater to work so hard.

Simply put, homeowners spend too much money on energy bills during the summer when, instead, they can just adjust their water heater temperature. Arguably the biggest benefit that comes with adjusting your water heater is saving money because, while it’s true that your HVAC system is your home’s biggest energy user, your water heater is a close second. Adjusting your heater to a lower temperature when it’s hot outside means you end up owing your electric and gas suppliers much less.

Helping the environment is another crucial reason to adjust your heater’s temperature. By consuming lower amounts of energy over time, you’re doing your part to help out the environment and keep the planet greener. Turn down your heater’s temperature and give it a well-deserved rest so that your home doesn’t consume as much electricity: it’s an easy way to use less energy and keep environment-harming power plants from generating as much power.

Don’t forget that by turning down your water heater’s temperature, you also decrease the chance of burning yourself with extremely hot water. A water heater that’s working as hard as it can be combined with water that’s already at above-average temperatures can be a recipe for disaster. Avoid burning yourself by turning down your heater and making sure your water doesn’t reach exceedingly high temperatures.

What Should I Set My Water Heater’s Temperature To?

Now that you’re familiar with the biggest benefits that come with adjusting your water heater, let’s quickly cover the best temperature to set your heater to.

More often than not, homeowners don’t think twice about adjusting their heater’s pre-programmed temperature, which usually rests around 120 degrees Fahrenheit. Strictly speaking, there’s nothing wrong with this temperature — during the summer, though, it’s much higher than it needs to be.

Once summer is here, we recommend adjusting your heater’s temperature down to about 110 degrees Fahrenheit. After Summer is over and Winter is drawing close, you can bring your heater’s temperature back up to 120 to make better use of your energy consumption.

10 degrees may not seem like a huge difference, but it’s all you need to save as much as five percent when it comes to your energy spending. Plus, you’ll instantly notice the difference when you take a shower or wash your hands since your water will feel much more natural and comfortable on your skin.

When Is the Best Time for Me to Adjust My Water Heater Temperature?

As you may have guessed by now, the easiest way to tell whether it’s time to adjust your heater’s temperature is based on the seasons. Run your sink’s water and check how it feels: if it’s winter and your water is too cold, turn your tap to hot, and vice versa if it’s summer.

It’s important to check how long your water takes to come out at the temperature you want. If it does so instantly, you probably don’t need to adjust your heater’s temperature. If it’s taking a while, though, it’s probably a good idea to fine-tune your water heater thermostat.

You can also remind yourself to reset your heater’s temperature by marking dates on your calendar. Once or twice a year, give yourself calendar reminders to adjust your heater’s temperature so that you can avoid running tests to see if its temperature is appropriate for the season.

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