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Plumbing Tips for Florida Summers


We are in the midst of summer, which means more time spent outside enjoying the weather, daily thunderstorms, and managing the kids who are home from school. Unfortunately, summertime is also the hardest time of year on your plumbing system!  


Because of this, it is important to add plumbing maintenance to your summer to-do list so you can help avoid any plumbing emergencies during your summer fun.  


Keep reading to learn tips from our plumbing pros to keep your plumbing system running smoothly all summer long!  


#1. Take it Easy on the Toilets 

#2. Adjust the Temperature of Your Water Heater  

#3. Check For Leaks 

#4. Check Your Sprinkler System 

#5. Watch What You Put Down the Disposal  


Summertime Plumbing Tips  


Follow these tips so you can enjoy your summer without a plumbing emergency!  


#1. Take it Easy on the Toilets 


With kids home from school and guests coming in to visit, your toilets are being used a lot more often during the summer months.  


To help prevent any problems: 


  • Teach your children to use a small amount of toilet paper to help avoid clogs 
  • Ensure that everyone knows what not to flush down the toilet like feminine hygiene products or paper towels 


If you do end up having a clog, you know who to call! Our team at Frank Gay Services is on call in the Orlando area for all your plumbing emergencies and repairs. Reach out today; (407) 329-5145!   


#2. Adjust the Temperature of Your Water Heater  


If you are going away on vacation, it is a good idea to turn down the temperature on your water heater to help save on energy costs. Do you really need hot water when you aren’t even home?  


Just don’t forget to turn it back up once you arrive back home so it has time to heat before you take a shower or bathe the kids.  


#3. Check For Leaks 


Your home receives water from a main water supply line or you might have a private well. In either case, you depend on your water supply a lot during the summer from watering your lawn to washing clothes, so it is important to check for any leaks in your system.  


To find leaks: 


  • Inspect your home’s foundation for any pooling water 
  • Look under sinks and sink cabinets 
  • Check the walls and ceiling for any water damage or mildew 
  • Listen for dripping  
  • Inspect behind the washing machine 
  • Check your water bill  


Common causes of leaking pipes in Central Florida are live oak trees. While they are beautiful and offer ample shade, live oaks have powerful root systems that can spread to over 90 feet and damage any pipes in their way!  



#4. Check Your Sprinkler System 


Before you use your sprinklers to water your lawn, make sure that they are all working properly and not damaged. You can waste a lot of water due to a broken sprinkler head or water line!  


Also, we advise watering your lawn early in the morning or late in the evening after the sun has set. A lot of water will evaporate and be lost if you turn on your sprinklers in the middle of the day. You’ll have to pay for it too!  


#5. Watch What You Put Down the Disposal  


Summer is a terrific time for cookouts and BBQs with family and friends, even though we often cook outside year-round in Florida. With all this cooking, there will be more food waste to deal with.


Watch which food scraps you put down your garbage disposal to prevent clogs. Never put these items down your disposal: 


  • Grease and cooking oils 
  • Bones  
  • Coffee grounds 
  • Corn husks 
  • Banana peels 
  • Watermelon rinds 
  • Eggshells 
  • Potato skins 
  • Celery 
  • Pasta 
  • Rice 
  • Bread 
  • Fruit pits 
  • Anything fibrous or expandable 


Consider composting the organic waste in place of dumping these things in your garbage disposal. Moreover, you can use eggshells, coffee grounds, and banana peels in your garden. The rest, including the bones, must be discarded.


Enjoy Your Summer 


Have peace of mind this summer that your plumbing system is running smoothly and free of leaks and clogs by following the above tips. But if you do run into a plumbing issue or emergency, our top-rated team at Frank Gay Services is here to help! 


From plumbing leaks to clogs, we are just a phone call away. Schedule plumbing repair or maintenance with Frank Gay Services today; (407) 329-5145!   

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