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Cost-Saving HVAC Tips for Thanksgiving

Now that it’s November, the holiday season is about to begin and soon that means enjoying Thanksgiving dinner and festivities in your Orlando home! While the holidays can bring great joy to our lives, unfortunately, they can also put stress on your HVAC system and impact energy costs.  


Busy guest-filled homes use a lot of power, and the extra load can put a strain on your finances! But don’t worry, Frank Gay Services has your back and we have some tips to help you save on HVAC costs, just in time for Thanksgiving! Trust us, you’ll want to save and share these tips with your friends and family!  


Thanksgiving Cost-Saving Tips  


All the following tips are simple, quick, and can save you money on your energy bill all holiday season long!  


Temperature Control  


If you are hosting a large gathering at your home for Thanksgiving, drop your heater’s thermostat temperature setting by a few degrees.  


With so many friends and family present, and the oven being used so much, your home is likely warm enough without the need to run the heater too much. Take advantage of the heat from the oven and all those extra bodies!  


Going a little further, if you are running a lot of errands to get ready for Turkey Day, adjust your thermostat while you are away from the house to help conserve energy. You might also want to consider calling our team at Frank Gay Services to install a programmable thermostat that can make it simple to adjust your home’s temperature, even while you are away. 


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Keep the Door Shut  


Each time a door is opened to the outside, your precious heat or cool air is getting lost, causing your HVAC system to work harder to keep your home warm or cool. It’s like when you’re cooking Thanksgiving dinner, it won’t cook properly if you’re constantly checking on it.  


While it is fun to have guests at your home, be mindful of how much coming and going is happening in your home, and make sure that everyone knows to keep the front or back doors shut as much as possible.  


Use Exhaust Fans  


A lot is going on in the kitchen on Thanksgiving Day—cooking the turkey, boiling potatoes, baking pies, plus, all those extra bodies breathing—which makes for extra moisture in the house, which can increase the humidity levels in your home.  


Make sure you are using exhaust fans to prevent humidity from rising in your house and to keep air circulating properly. You could also use a dehumidifier if you don’t have exhaust fans installed in your kitchen.  


Change the Air Filter 

We talk about this a lot because it is an important part of HVAC maintenance that people often forget about. Remember: Your air filter should be changed every 30-60 days! 


Changing your air filter is quite easy and is the best way to avoid HVAC breakdowns during the holidays while ensuring that your guests are breathing clean air. Cheers to a healthy holiday season! 


HVAC Tune-Up  

Before the holiday season begins, get a quick HVAC tune-up to make sure that your system is running efficiently all season long. It is one of the most cost-effective ways to avoid expensive HVAC emergencies. 


During a tune-up visit, a technician from Frank Gay Services will do a thorough inspection of your HVAC system which includes: 

  • A thermostat check 
  • Duct inspection 
  • Safety control test 
  • Refrigerant level test  
  • Airflow test 
  • Air filter check 
  • Condenser and motor inspection 
  • Inspection of belts 
  • And more!  

Preventative maintenance is important year-round, but especially so during the holiday season to help avoid major breakdowns during (let’s be honest) an already stressful time.  


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Save on Energy Costs with Frank Gay Services  

Holiday HVAC energy usage doesn’t have to drain your bank account. In fact, you can SAVE money with our tips! Call Frank Gay Services to schedule HVAC maintenance before Thanksgiving to ensure that your Orlando area home is running at peak efficiency all holiday season long—  (407) 329-9808


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