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thanksgiving dinner table

Keeping the Cheer Alive: Troubleshooting Holiday Electrical Issues

As the holiday season approaches, Florida homeowners are busy decorating their homes with lights and festive decorations. However, the joy and cheer of the holidays sometimes come potential electrical issues that can put a damper on the festivities. From flickering lights to blown fuses, holiday electrical problems can be a frustrating and potentially dangerous inconvenience.

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man looking at an electrical panel with a flashlight during a power outage

Prepare for Hurricane Season: Portable Generator and Interlock Kit Tips 

As hurricane season approaches, it’s crucial to be prepared for potential power outages. Portable generators and interlock kits are excellent solutions to ensure you have access to electricity during a storm. Frank Gay Services, a trusted name in Florida, offers reliable generator services and solutions to keep your home powered during emergencies.    In this

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