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Managing Your Home’s Humidity: A Guide by Frank Gay Services

the word humidity written in the condensation on a window

We’re all too familiar with the hot, humid climate we experience while living in Florida. But the humidity doesn’t stop at your doorstep, it invites itself into your home like a much-unwanted guest. Having high levels of humidity in your home poses threats to the health of you and your family and can cause costly damage. Fortunately, there are ways you can take control of your indoor humidity levels!  


The pros at Frank Gay Services have put together a quick guide for you so you can have a better understanding of how you can keep the humidity out of your home. Let’s take a look! 



Finding the Ideal Humidity Range 


Keeping your home’s humidity within the optimal range of 30-50% is crucial. Excessive moisture can make your living space uncomfortable and cause damage to your home, while too low humidity can exacerbate allergies and asthma. This balance is key to maintaining both comfort and health. 


How Your Health is Impacted by Indoor Humidity 


As we mentioned, your indoor air quality leaves quite an impact on your health that many don’t often realize is the main culprit for their symptoms. Some of the symptoms you may notice include:  


Low Humidity Effects:  


  • Dry skin. dry lips and dry eyes 
  • Nosebleeds 
  • Allergies, Asthma, and other Respiratory issues 
  • Heightened risk of airborne illnesses like the cold and flu 


High Humidity Effects:  


  • Difficulty breathing  
  • Respiratory illnesses from mold 
  • Heat Stroke or Heat Exhaustion 
  • Muscle Cramps 
  • Dehydration 
  • Fatigue and more 




Improving Home Ventilation 


Proper ventilation plays a critical role in controlling indoor humidity. When outdoor humidity is high, it’s best to keep doors and windows closed and rely on your HVAC system for air circulation.  


You should also ensure that your bathroom, dryer, and kitchen vents are functioning correctly and directing moisture outside. This helps reduce unwanted moisture, particularly while cooking, showering, or doing laundry. 


Utilizing Your Air Conditioner 


Believe it or not, your AC also acts as a powerful tool for reducing humidity. By cooling the air, your AC reduces the air’s capacity to hold moisture, effectively lowering humidity levels. Consider setting your system to a lower temperature for optimal humidity control. 


Upgrading to a High-Efficiency HVAC System 


Modern high-efficiency HVAC systems are designed to manage humidity efficiently. Some units come with built-in humidity sensors and can automatically adjust to maintain desired humidity levels. Customizing your settings through a master control can ensure your home stays comfortable year-round. 


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Considering a Dehumidifier 


In some cases, additional help may be needed to control humidity. A portable dehumidifier can address high humidity in specific areas like a bedroom or basement. However, for whole-home solutions, a dehumidifier that works with your HVAC system is often the best choice for homeowners in Florida. At Frank Gay Services we offer dehumidifier installations for the best moisture control in your home.  


Resolving Major Moisture Issues 


Persistent high humidity could indicate underlying problems in your home, like leaks or poor drainage. Inspecting for sources of excess moisture and addressing them is crucial. Simple measures like landscaping to direct rainwater away from your home and ensuring proper drainage can make a significant difference 



device showing 37% humidity level in a home



Frank Gay Services: Your Partner in Humidity Control 


At Frank Gay Services, we understand the challenges of maintaining the right humidity levels in your home. Whether it’s conducting a thorough inspection of your HVAC system, installing a whole-home dehumidifier, or identifying foundational moisture issues, we’re here to help. 


Contact Frank Gay Services for professional assistance in maintaining the perfect balance in your home’s environment. 


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