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Residential AC Services in Florida

We Will Keep Your Home Cool and Comfortable

The sweltering summer sun can quickly heat your home to undesirable temperatures. But the team at Frank Gay Services offers professional AC repairs and maintenance to keep you comfortable. We have been a Florida staple for more
than 40 years. Our coverage area spans from Daytona to Tampa, so let us know if you need residential AC services. Our technicians are adept at performing everything from minor repairs to complete replacements or installations.
We can quickly identify why your air conditioner is not working correctly and devise a solution so that you can experience cool relief. Read through the answers to some of our most frequently asked questions below or call our
friendly team with queries of your own.

What Are Some Common AC Problems?

On a hot summer day, few feelings are better than being met with refreshing air conditioning as soon as you enter your home. For better than half the year, an efficient air conditioner is a necessity in the Sunshine State.
However, many homeowners still take their HVAC system for granted. They expect it to work properly regardless of how high the mercury climbs outside. But as your AC unit works hard to combat the heat, it may experience problems.
Have no fear, though. The technicians at Frank Gay Services are trained to handle all common AC problems. We address a wide range of issues, including:

  • The air conditioner does not turn on
  • The air conditioner does not blow cold air
  • The air conditioner unit freezes
  • HVAC system cycles frequently
  • AC refrigerant leaks
  • Unusual noises from the air conditioner
  • Frozen evaporator coil
  • Electric control failure
  • The air conditioner leaks water outside
  • Drainage problems
  • Sensor problems

Why Do I Need Regular AC Services?

Regular AC services from the team at Frank Gay Services are necessary to ensure your unit will work throughout the season. We recommend
AC maintenance at least once a year. The ideal time for a tune-up is in the spring, just before the heat waves begin. We will thoroughly inspect your system to ensure it is in proper working order. If we notice anything is
amiss, we can perform minor repairs to ensure the problem does not worsen with continued use.

How Will I Know What HVAC Unit Is Right for My Home?

Frank Gay Services is proficient with all types of air conditioning units. Therefore, you can rely on us for much more than maintenance and repairs. We can help you determine the system that will best suit your needs. Based on
your home’s size and your budget, our experts will point you toward a system that will maintain a consistent temperature throughout your living spaces. We work with ductless and mini-split systems, zoned air conditioner systems,
high-efficiency AC units, smart thermostats, and more. We even offer professional residential AC installation services.

What Types of AC Repairs Do Your Technicians Perform?

We can perform any necessary AC repairs. Our technicians will begin with a thorough inspection of your system to determine
the source of your problems. Whether your unit does not blow cold air or will not turn on at all, we can quickly identify the reason. In most instances, simple repairs are all that you will need. But if the issues are severe, we
may recommend replacement. Our trustworthy team promises never to suggest fixes or replacements that you do not need. Typically, we can restore order by repairing your:

  • Compressor – This component pressurizes refrigerant so that your system can release heat. It features a motor and complex wiring. Our experts can quickly remedy any issues with this system.
  • Fans – Each air conditioning unit has two fans – an evaporator and a condenser. We will look for problems with your fans’ belts, motors, and blades.
  • Refrigerant – Refrigerant leaks are common AC problems. Without refrigerant, your entire unit may fail. Let us address any such issues.

What Are the Benefits of Preventative Maintenance?

Just as you see a physician for a checkup every year or take your car to get serviced annually, you should let a professional perform preventative maintenance on your air conditioning system. Frank Gay Services will make sure your unit is free of problems
to guarantee optimal performance and energy efficiency. During a maintenance inspection, we will check your filters, condensers, motors, refrigerant levels, and belts. We will also clean your system so that it can withstand
another summer.

Contact Frank Gay Services Today

When the summer sun causes sweat beads on your brow every time you step outside, there is comfort in knowing that relief is waiting for you inside your home. Frank Gay Services provides comprehensive residential AC services to
maintain your comfort throughout the season. We are fully licensed, bonded, and insured to give you peace of mind. We have been serving Orlando, FL and the surrounding region for more than four decades, and we are eager to
showcase our expertise for you. Contact us today for a free quote.

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