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UV Light Systems for Orlando, FL Residences

Disinfect Germs with UV Light Installationsuv blue light

Since 1976, Frank Gay Services has continuously searched for new ways to deliver excellent customer service and air quality products that improve our customers’ lives. At Frank Gay
Services, we want to help make your life a little easier by introducing innovative UV light disinfectant products. UV light systems help Orlando, FL residents prevent the spread of germs, viruses, and bacteria within the home. They
effectively kill harmful agents in difficult-to-reach spaces and keep your home healthy throughout the year.

How Ultra-Violet Lamp Systems Work

Indoor air pollution is more common than our residential customers might think. Over the years, muck, grime, microbial growth, and other irritants build up in your system’s air
ducts and infiltrate the rest of your home as the air conditioner or heater runs. HVAC systems that circulate plenty of air are only useful if they’re clean. Ultra-violet lamp systems eliminate germs and bacteria at the source –
inside the ductwork – through the use of UV-C light and small amounts of mercury. Usually, Frank Gay Services combines these air purification systems with high-grade HEPA filters to kill contaminants. They’re incredibly
effective and emit only small amounts of bluish light, so homeowners don’t need to worry about intrusive lighting.

Installing UV Light in Your HVAC System

Applying UV light to your HVAC system is an excellent way to boost your home’s indoor air quality. Still, the system’s effectiveness hinges on several factors. Before Frank Gay Services installs an ultra-violet lamp
system, we’ll prepare your house. We’ll inspect your duct work and seal them with construction-grade mastic to ensure air-tight distribution. We might also install high-MERV filters to enhance performance and air quality.
Performing these tasks before UV lamp installation is crucial to ensuring a cleaner and healthier home.

The Benefits of UV Light Air Purification Systems

At Frank Gay Services, we want our customers to understand the numerous benefits of the systems we install in their homes. We’re experts in our field, which means we know how germs and bacteria spread through your home. Our
goal is to eliminate their impact. A UV light air purification system is one of the best ways to improve your home’s performance and your family’s health in one fell swoop because:

UV light controls microbial growth, viruses, and bacteria

As a homeowner, one of your priorities is safety and health! Many homeowners aggressively clean and sanitize cooking and eating surfaces, vacuum weekly, and dust, which makes a big difference. But if your duct work contains an
ecosystem of germs and bacteria, then it’s a little like sweeping your porch during a hurricane. UV lamps control unwanted microorganisms at the source, preventing them from embedding themselves on your counters and carpets.

UV rays reduce foul odors and smells

Microbial growth, which flourishes in humid climates and duct work, emits a distinctive musty smell. Microbial growth can cause health issues, but the scent is equally disruptive. Killing it with ultra-violet light will instantly
foster a better-smelling house. You won’t regret the decision to invest in a state-of-the-art UV lamp system.

They’re instrumental in humid climates

Florida is notoriously wet, especially during the summer. As mentioned above, microbial growth’s best friend is a damp environment. Fortunately, ultra-violet light flourishes in the humid climates that breed microbial growth so
quickly. If you’re concerned about germs, bacteria, and virus growth in your Florida home, then contact Frank Gay Services to install a UV light disinfection system.

Experience Efficiency and Increased Health in Spades

Not only will UV light systems reduce your household’s exposure to harmful germs and bacteria, but they’ll also foster a more efficient HVAC system. Your air conditioner and heater require clean and clog-free filters to
distribute air throughout your house. Microorganisms can build up and negatively impact your HVAC system. The advantages of reaching out to Frank Gay Services for an ultra-violet lamp system are boundless, so contact us today.

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