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Why Rewiring Is A Smart Idea

Bunch of electrical wires

Increase the Value of Your Home by Rewiring the Entire Building!

If you are the owner of a Florida home, then you know how important it is to keep up the aesthetic value along with the functional value if you are going to enjoy it and have a good profit when you are ready to sell. One of the things that you should consider is having the entire house rewired. Although this might seem expensive, it can be even more so if you don’t!

Unless you have a newer model home, you are going to have aging wires throughout the property. The excessive sunlight and heat in the state are great for warming your body and getting a tan. However, these things are not so good for your house. The wiring and casings can become weakened over time due to the extreme heat and occasional temperature fluctuations that plague the state during the winter months.

Whether you plan to reside in your home for several more years or want to put it on the market once you have completed renovations, you should get the wiring checked out and replaced. Although you might be tempted to repair just one area where a problem has occurred, this will not take care of underlying problems that could lie within the wiring system.

Over the years, codes and regulations have changed regarding how homes are wired. These have been made in order to protect consumers and help them maintain their houses. While this is a good thing, it means that older homes are often not up to the same standards.

While some owners perform certain changes before a sale in order to make them more compliant with current regulations, that is not always the case. On top of that, if you inherited the house, owned it for a long time or obtained it through other means than a realtor, you might not have had any type of inspection done in a very long time.

Unfortunately, wiring troubles are often not recognized by homeowners until something goes wrong. This might be a blown-out socket, or something significantly worse, such as a fire. In either case, it is when a problem arises that causes change.

When you are repairing something that has gone wrong like that, rather than fixing the cause before a symptom arises, you will likely have to pay significantly more money. In the instance of a home fire, you could end up with the entire building needing to be replaced. Even if you have insurance that will cover the expenses, do you really want to risk staying in a cheap motel for months while the work is done?

If you invest in rewiring your home right now, you are also giving yourself the opportunity to take advantage of the best in energy savings. Many folks do not realize that bad wiring can increase their electricity bills each month, even when using energy-saving appliances!

You can also address related concerns during the rewiring process. For instance, if your lighting fixtures are as outdated as your electrical wiring, you need to update them. Not only will this make your house look better, but buyers will also subconsciously interpret it as more valuable and modern as a result. Even when compared to other homes of similar age, yours will stand out!

Some folks make the mistake of thinking that they can handle rewiring tasks on their own. However, the state has strict guidelines regarding who can and cannot work on electrical services. If you attempt this on your own, it is likely that you will have to pay a contractor to come back and redo all of the work to ensure that it is up to the proper codes.

Keep in mind that the specifics regarding your home rewire will depend on your property. For instance, if major additions were completed in recent years, those sections might not require extensive rewiring. But, the older part of the house will still be depending on the outdated wiring system that was installed originally.

It is best for you to speak to a certified electrical contractor regarding your home wiring needs. Gather all of the information you have regarding your home, including the history of work done that involves the wiring in any way. Don’t forget to include minor projects that you might have undertaken, such as installing a light fixture.

This way, the contractor can review everything and make a recommendation based on the data you supply and visual inspection. Then, you will receive a quote for rewiring the house. This will give you the information necessary to make an informed choice.

Life is too short to let faulty wiring cause problems for your household. If you have an older home, you should contact a professional today to get your wiring inspected and updated. It is well worth the investment!

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