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Electrical Wiring Service

Electrical Wiring Service

People look for companies for electrical wiring service for many different reasons. Your house may be old, and you need to upgrade your electrical wiring. Perhaps you are renovating your home or business. Some home and business owners get rewiring service when they upgrade their electrical panel.

It is crucial if you have an older home to have an electrician check your electrical system for safety reasons. Some residential or commercial properties that are 40 years old or more have aluminum wire. In many cases, this older aluminum wire is more prone to causing fires. So, this is something you can think about if your home or building is getting older.

After one of our certified electricians test your electrical wiring, we then will give you are findings. In many cases, the wiring is deemed safe and you are left with peace of mind. You might just need a minor rewire or electrical repair. It is possible that you may need an entire electrical re-wiring job. After all isn’t your family’s safety the most important thing?

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Local Electrical Wiring Service

  • Electrical Inspection
  • Aluminum Wire Removal
  • Commercial Electrical Rewiring
  • Residential Electrical Rewiring
  • Electrical Panel Upgrades
  • Circuit Tracing Service
  • Whole House Re-wiring

We understand how you could be worried about getting an electrical inspection. After all, the thought of needing a complete electrical wiring is worrisome. That is precisely why you don’t want just any electrical company to do your inspection.

What Makes Frank Gay Services Electricians Different?

All of our electricians are not paid on commission! This means that they won’t sell you something you don’t need. Our electricians have no incentive to upsell you because it will not benefit them.

Doesn’t that ease your mind a lot?

Your electrical system is very important to maintain and care for. It will also prevent electrical problems now and in the future. If you a need electrical wiring service company in Orlando, you know who to call – Frank Gay Services.

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