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Why Are My Lights Flickering? A Deep Dive with Frank Gay Services


In every home, a stable electrical system is key to ensuring that day-to-day tasks go smoothly. But what happens when you notice a recurring issue, like your lights flickering? While it might seem like a small annoyance at first, it can be indicative of more serious underlying electrical problems.  


The experts at Frank Gay Services are here to guide you through potential causes… and solutions. 


Why Do Lights Flicker? 

Before diving into specifics, it’s important to understand why lights might flicker. Fundamentally, flickering lights are caused by irregular fluctuations in your home’s electrical power supply. These can be triggered by various reasons: 


Bulb Issues

The simplest cause could be the light bulb itself. Here are some light bulb-related reasons: 

  • Loose Bulb: Sometimes, the bulb just isn’t screwed in properly. 
  • Bulb Nearing End of Life: Older bulbs tend to flicker as they approach the end of their lifespan. 
  • Incompatible Dimmer Switches: Using non-compatible bulbs with certain dimmer switches can cause flickering. 


Electrical Load Surges

When large appliances like air conditioners or refrigerators turn on, they draw a significant amount of power, which can lead to momentary flickering. 


Faulty Light Switches

If the switch that controls the light is faulty, it can lead to inconsistent power and thus flickering. 


Voltage Fluctuations

An inconsistent supply of voltage from your utility company can lead to flickering lights across your home. 


Wiring Issues

Old, damaged, or loose wiring can disrupt the consistent flow of electricity, leading to flickering lights. This is particularly concerning as it can also be a fire hazard. 


Is Flickering Always a Cause for Concern? 

The occasional flicker, especially during a power surge from a large appliance starting up, may not be alarming. However, consistent or widespread flickering should be taken seriously, especially if it’s accompanied by other signs like buzzing sounds or burnt outlets. 


How Can I Resolve the Flickering? 

Now, we do NOT recommend DIY-ing your electrical issues. However, a few simple steps can help you identify the cause of flickering, then call a professional if it persists. Here’s what you can do: 


Check the Bulb

Ensure it’s screwed in properly, and if it’s old, consider replacing it. For issues with a dimmer light, ensure you have compatible bulbs. 


Swapping lightbulbs? Switch to LED for up to 25x more lifespan! 


Monitor Large Appliances

If you consistently notice flickering when certain appliances turn on, it may be worth discussing with an electrician whether your home’s electrical system can handle the load. 


Call in the Professionals

For issues like faulty wiring, voltage inconsistencies, or if you’re unsure about the cause, it’s always best to bring in the experts. Electrical issues, if ignored, can escalate to dangerous levels. 


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Ready to Illuminate Your Home’s Electrical Issues? Contact Frank Gay Services! 

Your home’s electrical system is its lifeline. Ensuring it operates smoothly and safely is paramount. Flickering lights might seem minor, but they can be a symptom of a larger electrical problem waiting to be addressed.  


Whether it’s flickering lights, a plumbing concern, or HVAC maintenance, we’re here to assist you. Our commitment to excellence, combined with decades of experience, makes us a go-to solution for all home service needs. 


Contact us now and let’s ensure your home shines brightly, free from electrical glitches. 

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