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Frank Gay Services is the most reliable company providing detection of underground utilities and the scanning of concrete structures.  Our technicians are highly trained in the field of line location services. Combine with the newest and most reliable surface penetrating radar technology, our technicians provide home and business owners with the most accurate findings and interpretations of those findings.

Our goal and purposes has always been putting our relationships with our clients before any incentives or profits.  This generally means that we are in the business of making sure that our clients get the services they need first and foremost.

The technology we have can bypass concrete and get all the lines information for you.  With our surface penetrating radar technology, we can locate rebar, conduits, and post-tension cables that are embedded in or beneath the concrete.  Being able to identify such items beneath the concrete, the technicians can help you identify any obstruction that may exists beneath the concrete surface.

Underground gas lines, utility lines, sewer pipes, underground storage tanks, and other potential hazard lines are hard to detect; but when our technician is applying our advance technological tools to find detect these lines below the surface, we usually have a 99% success rate of finding what we are searching for.

If you are seeking for the best line locator team, then Frank Gay Services is the company you are looking for. Our surface penetrating radar technology are the best on the market and the most up to date. Our technicians are fully trained on how to use it. If you need an explanation of how our technology work and how it can benefit you and your company; give us a call at 407-900-0497. Our dispatch team will connect you with one of our experienced technician and we will try to answer all questions before going out onto the field to provide you the services.

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