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Home » Garbage Disposal » Garbage Disposal Installation

Most newer homes come with a garbage disposal already installed next to the dishwashing sink. What happen when it didn’t come installed? Frank Gay Services company offers garbage disposal installation at a reasonable price for clients in the Central Florida area. We offer our service to commercial businesses and residential homes. Give us a call at 407-900-0497 to get a quote.

There are a lot of steps in garbage disposal installation, and it sometimes requires meticulous attention to detail. If you aren’t focus on these details, you may end up spending a lot more than you’ve anticipated.  But here are the steps if you are planning on a DIY session:

  1. Turn off the power and remove the drain lines
  2. Remove the putty and loosen the screws
  3. Remove the snap ring
  4. Apply putty to the ring
  5. Slip the mounting ring over the flange
  6. Install the snap ring
  7. Then push the plug
  8. Retrieving the plug is the next step
  9. Remove the access hole cover
  10. Connect and secure the wires
  11. Push the wires into the access hole
  12. Mount the disposal system
  13. Reinstall the drain lines.

Remember, if you have questions and concerns about the installation process. Then you should contact us for garbage disposal installation needs. Get a quote today at Get a Quote page or call us at:407-900-0497.