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House Electrical Service

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When you are seeking a house electrical service upgrade, you should know that the price can be expensive and the project can be messy. No matter how expensive it may be, upgrading the electrical service is imperative to keep the house value the same if not improve it.

Frank Gay Services provide house electrical services. We’ve been in business for over 30+ years, and have provided incredible services to the community in an honest and reliable manner. People have always called us for all plumbing, electrical services, and now we are expanding… Call us now to get a list of all the services we provide:   (407) 329-9808 .

Having enough power to power all your essential electronics in your house is important as it helps with electrical home safety. If you don’t have enough power to serve all your electronics, and you get voltage drop-offs, which can cause damage to sensitive electronics.

Most modern homes today require at least a minimum of 200 amps to run everyday appliances and electronics. If your house or place of business has less than the minimum we can provide an upgrade for you. The price for an upgrade is affordable because our technicians are experts in what they are doing and they manage their time very wisely, therefore saving you money.

When is the best time to get a house electrical service? When you are are building a new home, adding a new family room or rooms in your house, renovating a kitchen, or any other remodeling task around the house. The reason is that while the subcontractors are opening the wall anyway, you can get the electrician inside and have them re-do the wiring, which can save you a lot of money from re-opening the wall a second time.

Be sure to plan ahead for your electrical house service needs. And when you are ready for our service, give us a call at   (407) 329-9808 .

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