Frank Gay Services is proud to now serve Daytona Beach and surrounding communities stretching from Palm Coast to Titusville. Call now for fast service from our certified 5-star technicians!

Scanning Concrete for Rebar

scanning concrete for rebar
The Best Scanning Equipment Operated by the Best Technicians

Whether you are making plans for renovation or repairs, be sure to call Frank Gay Services to have one of our dedicated technicians used their high end scanning radar to scan for risks of encountering rebar, conduits, and post-tensions. If you encounter this during cutting, coring, or drilling, it could cause you a lot of problems in the long run.  So if you are seeking a professional company to help you with scanning concrete for rebar, call Frank Gay Services today   (407) 329-9808 .

Frank Gay Services team of ground penetrating radar system technicians are the best in the field. These technicians are trained and fully insured.  The size of the project doesn’t matter; whether it is small or big, we can scale the team to meet your project needs. We service mainly in the Central Florida regions and our technicians know all the city codes to make this project flow faster.

What are people using ground-penetrating radar for?

  • Detection of reinforcing steel
  • Detection of embedded electrical services
  • Detection of voids
  • Deterioration mapping in reinforcing steel

The safety of our home and business owners and the safety of our technician is our top priority at Frank Gay Services.  All of our technicians receive extensive on-site training, attend a mandatory manufacturer’s training course, and complete OHSA 10-hour construction training. Specifically, our new tech’s ride with senior technicians to observe each application and learn to interpret the GPR data. After completing the manufacturer’s training course, the tech’s will return to the field with the senior technicians who now act in a supervisory role as the tech’s hone their skills and prepare to enter the field full time.

When data is important to carry out your project; we can help you acquire the data you need to complete the project in a timely matter. It is time to place your trust in us for your line to find needs.  We are the number one trusted company in Orlando and Central Florida for the service. Call us today!

Aside from line location services we also offer the following services:

  1. Plumbing services
  2. Electrical services
  3. Heating and air conditioning services
  4. General contractor services
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