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Promax Electric Water Heater Solutions

Promax Specialty Electric Compact Electric Water Heater
Hire the technician that knows all about Promax brand

There is a wide range of water heating solutions out there today with exceptional energy savings and durability. Promax electric water heater solutions may be the best choice.

Today’s focus is the Promax electric water heater solutions family. These models offer environmentally friendly, thick, and non-CFC-foam insulation that will reduces standby heat loss. Making this solution reliable and efficient. Most of the Promax electric water heater model includes a valve that includes valves that is durable and tamper-resistant, which is CSA certified and ASME rated T&P relief valve.

Promax offers several electric water heating solutions:

1. Promax

  • The ProMax® electric models offer thick, environmentally friendly, non-CFC foam insulation, which reduces standby heat loss. It also includes the durable, tamper-resistant brass drain valve and CSA certified and ASME rated T&P relief valve.

2. Promax plus high efficiency

3. Promax compact designs

  • Feature side-mounted plumbing and electrical connections with nipples installed at the factory, as well as convenient plugged top plumbing connection for versatility. Available in 6- thru 20-gallon capacity with a single heating element.

4. Promax lowboy side connect

  • Compact design with side-mounted plumbing and electrical connections for installation under a counter or in other tight spaces. Single heating element.

5. Promax point of use

  • Designed for low-demand, point-of-use applications such as building or property lavatories or buildings with remote restrooms. 2.5-gallon capacity, equipped with a single heating element and 110V/120V cord set with 3-prong plug. Includes an integrated wall-mounted bracket for easy installation and top-plumbed for confined installations.

Eat solutions has their own advantages and disadvantages and it is best to let a professional electrician come and give you the best advice on which one to use for your property. Frank Gay Services certified electrical technicians are the best that you can choose for Central Florida. They have been serving central Florida for over 40 years. It is time for you to place your trust in a reliable professional team of the electrician to get you hot water fast!

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