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Choosing Landscaping Lighting And Electricians

Landscaping lighting near pool
Choosing Landscaping Lighting and Electricians

Oddly enough, it seems that many homeowners put a lot of effort into choosing their indoor lighting, but then rush the decision when it comes to outdoor landscaping lighting. The lights you use outside are just as important as the lights inside. Choosing the correct lights for your central Florida lawn is a decision that should be made carefully.

Likewise, the electrician you choose to install them is an important decision as well. Here at Frank Gay Services, we understand how difficult these two decisions can be. That’s why we strive to make the choice easier for you by being the best electricians in Central Florida. We’ve been working hard to earn that title since 1976. As for choosing to light, we can try to make that choice a little easier for you as well.

The Importance Of Landscaping Lighting.

First, you should understand the roles that the various outdoor lights play. Landscaping lights are not meant for only improving visibility. They are also meant to improve the beauty of their surroundings. They bring specific areas or details to focus and can create a specific atmosphere once night falls. And, of course, they can allow for safe movement through the area when it is dark outside.

If you keep these considerations in mind, it becomes slightly easier to choose the correct lighting. For example, you know that it’s best when the lights are illuminating certain aspects of the landscaping. So what elements in your lawn are there to illuminate? Knowing this will help you choose the best light for the job.

Types Of Lights For Your Lawn.

Do you have a garden? Or perhaps you have some shrubbery that you really like. If so, then a tall garden lamp could be perfect for the job. A garden lamp sits on a pole that may be two-to-four feet off of the ground. It creates a canopy of light that illuminates a circular area. The size of the circle depends on the light itself and the height of the pole. The light will also illuminate the lamp pole itself, which means you need to pay careful attention to the style and finish of the lamp.

What if there is a wide area of the house or a tall tree that you want to bring to light? You have a couple of different options, but for particularly large items, you can’t go wrong with a floodlight. These lights can cast fairly large beams of light that are very noticeable. It’s a good idea to limit the number of floodlights to only one or two. When used sparingly, they can bring large objects to life at night.

The downlight is another very interesting landscaping light that can be used to illuminate trees but from a different angle. These lights are usually placed high on tree branches and pointed down toward the ground. They create a lighting effect that is very similar to moonlight. Downlights are also great for illuminating walkways.

Finally, while on the subject of walkways, it’s always important to light up any important paths in the yard. You may use different lights for this task, but if you use a particular light on one section of the path, then it’s a good idea to use the same lighting on all of the additional sections of the path.

Choosing An Electrician.

Choosing the correct lighting for your lawn becomes simple once you know what elements you want to highlight. Choosing a Central Florida electrician is simple as well. The experts at Frank Gay Services will help you choose the best lights for your lawn and then help you install each one of them.

Landscaping lighting near pool

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