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By choosing the right landscaping lighting your lawn can actually look better at night than it does during the day. Proper lighting draws attention to some areas while keeping others concealed in darkness. It also helps you move safely through the lawn at night. Choosing the right lighting can be difficult, which is why we’ve provided some information regarding the most common lighting choices.

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The Light Emitting Diode

Light emitting diodes (LEDs) are the latest trend in lighting technology. Ever since the discovery of the blue LED, white LED lights have appeared everywhere. They are in laptops, in your car, illuminating your television, and even used in your backyard. They don’t necessarily create a massive amount of light, but the light is pleasant and the energy consumption is rather low.

The science behind LEDs allows them to consume a constant and rather low amount of energy until they eventually die. They also happen to have a very long lifespan, which means they won’t need to be replaced nearly as often as more traditional light sources.

A LED is used more for style than for visibility. It’s not going to be your choice of lighting if you want to illuminate a large object such as a tree or a fountain. However, it can still bring attention to objects, and it can do so in a variety of colors. For example, you could use a series of colorful LEDs at ground level in the middle of a path to show the direction of the path without necessarily lighting up the entire pathway.

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Brighter Options

What about when you want to illuminate certain elements in your landscaping design in their entirety? This is often the case with landscaping lighting. In these scenarios, you will need a more powerful light source. Keep in mind that these more powerful lights will consume more energy and thus cost more in the long run. You will want to use them sparingly and effectively. No light should be wasted.

Reflector lights are extremely popular in landscaping designs. They are rather small lights that are placed at ground level. They contain powerful lamps on the inside and a reflective surface. The light is cast out and reflected towards something that you want to be illuminated such as a fountain, tree, or area of shrubbery.

Another bright option is the flood light. Flood lights are larger and more powerful than reflector lights. They also cast a wider beam of light. You would use a flood light if you want to draw attention to a very large object. If you have a stone fountain, a very large and prominent tree, or something on the side of the house that your want to be seen at night.

As with reflector lights, flood lights should be used very sparingly or their effect won’t be as great. Excessive use can also rack up a pretty high power bill if you aren’t careful.

Consider The Direction

One final consideration to keep in mind is the direction of the light. Every light points in a specific direction and the direction you choose will make a difference even when illuminating the same object. For example, a light that points down illuminating a tree will cause the tree to look differently than a light pointing upward that’s illuminating the same tree. You may need to experiment with the directions somewhat to find a look that you really like.

Who Are We?

We are landscaping lighting experts and professional electricians. Our company, Frank Gay Services, has been working in the area since 1976. During this time we’ve helped countless homeowners light up their lawns in an energy efficient, yet aesthetically pleasing manner.