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Licensed Commercial Electrical Services in Orlando, FL

Frank Gay Services: Getting Things Done Right Since 1976

Our licensed, certified electricians at Frank Gay Services are equipped with the expertise and tools to handle your commercial property’s electrical services. Because commercial buildings often put more strain on their electrical systems than homes, it’s imperative you find an electrician who is familiar with working with commercial systems. In business since 1976, Central Florida residents have relied on our electricians for dependable service, even in an emergency. Our team is adept at troubleshooting until we pinpoint the exact cause for your electrical issue. Getting things done right the first time minimizes the impact on your commercial facility’s daily operations, so that you can focus on business as usual. From upgrading aging or faulty wiring to circuit installation and outdoor landscape lighting, there’s no task out of our wheelhouse. Please contact us today to request a quote for our commercial electrical services!

Commercial Electrical Wiring & Panel Upgrades & Repairs

Is an aging electrical system holding your business back? It’s not uncommon to find outdated systems in older office buildings, which may not have been renovated in decades. Don’t let faulty electrical wiring become a potential safety hazard to you and your tenants or employees. Call upon Frank Gay Services for electrical wiring and panel upgrades and repairs. Having an antiquated electrical panel in your office could lead to flickering lights, tripped fuses, defective circuit breakers, melted electrical wires, and other dangers to your safety. Our team of certified electricians in Central Florida can help you select the right electrical panel to meet your building’s needs. We’ll also ensure everything meets the codes established by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) and the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), so you don’t face any penalties.

Commercial Electrical Safety Inspections for Your Building

If you manage a commercial property, periodic electrical safety inspections are necessary to ensure your building remains safe for your tenants or employees. We’d be happy to include you on our list of customers who count on us for commercial electrical safety inspections in the Orlando area. We’ll examine your system’s various components to ensure they remain in good working order to prevent the risk of injury, shock, or electrical fire. It’s not uncommon for electrical safety codes to change periodically, meaning your panels also need to be upgraded regularly. If we notice anything that needs to be replaced, we’ll alert you immediately. Over time, it’s also natural for electrical wires and their connectors and conduits to show signs of wear-and-tear. If you’ve noticed flickering lights or electrical outlets that don’t seem to work, don’t put off your next electrical safety inspection!

Circuit Installation and Lighting Retrofits for Businesses

When your office needs to upgrade or replace equipment, it may be time for a new circuit installation as well. Our certified electricians specialize in circuit installation for businesses, as well as lighting retrofits. We recommend talking to us first before you purchase any new equipment to ensure it’s compatible with your existing commercial electrical system. Otherwise, you may be in for a shock. Trust our team to correctly calculate the voltage and amperage your system requires for safe operation. Be sure to ask us about the many benefits of lighting retrofits for businesses, which include more energy-efficient – and cost-saving – upgrades. Whether you’re interested in modern LED lighting, money-saving motion sensors, or recessed lighting, we’re the team to call in Central Florida!

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Don’t Underestimate the Power of Outdoor Landscape Lighting

Outdoor landscape lighting is essential for any home or commercial facility. Not only does it enhance the curb appeal of your property for potential buyers, but it also promotes maximum safety and security. As a business, you want to project a professional image to entice people to work with and for you. If you have a building with flickering lights or minimal outdoor lighting, your would-be customers or employees may think you’re unconcerned about property upkeep or the safety of visitors on your property. Either way, this is hardly the friendly, welcoming image you want to convey. Outdoor landscape lighting can also help you add flair and highlight other appealing architectural or landscaping features. Whether it’s a well-lit sign promoting your logo or a well-lit parking lot promoting safety, talk to the outdoor landscape lighting experts at Frank Gay Services to see how we can make your company stand out for the right reasons.

Contact Frank Gay Services for Honest, Forthright Service

You can rely on Frank Gay Services for honest, forthright customer service that exceeds expectations. For over four decades, we’ve delivered outstanding commercial electrical services for Orlando and surrounding Central Florida residents. Whether you’re interested in learning more about circuit installations for businesses or the benefits of upgrading your facility’s outdoor landscape lighting, we’re happy to help. Please contact us today to get started with a quote. We also recommend viewing our customer reviews and rates to get a better picture of why you should feel comfortable calling us!

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