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When Should You Call Frank Gay Services? DIY vs. Professional Jobs

technician repairing HVAC system

Having a fully-functional HVAC system is every homeowner’s dream. It’s always a huge relief to know that you have a fresh and well-ventilated place to rest in after a busy day out in the hot Florida sun. But, what do you do if you get back home only to find your HVAC system malfunctioning? What a bummer, right?

In such a situation, most homeowners often find themselves in a dilemma. It’s usually quite hard to determine the extent of the damage, and that’s why deciding on whether to call for the professional help from Frank Gay Services HVAC experts or just doing it yourself becomes a daunting task. Yes, it is an evident fact that DIY HVAC maintenance would be more economical, but why should you go through all that trouble while Florida’s finest HVAC experts are just a call away?

There are a couple of maintenance routines that you can DIY, but some others require more in-depth attention that only experienced HVAC experts can deliver. Below is a full guide that will help you determine when to do a DIY and when to call the professionals;

HVAC System Servicing Involves Two Key Aspects; Maintenance and Repairs! What’s the Difference Between the Two?

HVAC Maintenance: In layman terms, maintenance involves doing periodic checks and cleaning to your HVAC system to ensure that it is running smoothly and in mint condition. This is usually the best way to increase your system’s lifespan. Just the same way you need to take a bath on a daily basis; these systems also require regular checkup and maintenance for optimal performance. Due to the simple nature of HVAC maintenance, doing it yourself is acceptable.

HVAC Repair: This, on the other hand, is only necessary in case your HVAC system breaks down. Repairs are usually more complicated than maintenance routines, and that’s why DIY is highly discouraged. In such a situation, it is advisable to seek professional help. That’s because trying to repair the system on your own may result in further damage to the system. Always remember this; the more the damage – the more the repairs – the more it will cost you. Always leave repair work to trained and experienced professionals because only they can guarantee quick, safe and accurate repairs on your HVAC system.

Something You Should Know About the DIY Method.

Despite the fact that this method is usually more economical than hiring professional services, you have to ensure that you know what you are doing. Most HVAC systems come with a 10-year warranty that can be easily nullified by a botched DIY exercise. That’s why you are always advised to consider your warranty terms before diving into any DIY task to ensure you don’t lose it.

When Is It Safe to DIY Your HVAC Issues?

When it comes to simple HVAC System troubleshooting or routine maintenance, it is okay to DIY. This is because these are basic and simple methods that do not require expert services. But, you should always ensure that you are comfortable enough to handle these tasks. If they prove overwhelming or too complicated for you, then you shouldn’t hesitate to call for professional HVAC services in Florida.

What Are the Benefits of Periodic HVAC System Maintenance?

You may not know this, but routine maintenance contributes a lot to your HVAC system’s overall health and lifespan. Numerous perks come from regular maintenance tasks. Below are a few of them;

Optimal Performance: Regular maintenance ensures that your system always runs smoothly and at optimal performance. This also increases the system’s efficiency, which means it uses less energy hence saving you some cash. You also get to enjoy a well-conditioned atmosphere in your lovely home.

Problem Detection and Prevention: Regular HVAC maintenance also helps you to detect any faults and pending breakdowns in your system. That way, you’ll be able to fix the problem before it grows into an enormous and painfully expensive mess. Wise men once said, “Prevention is better than cure!” it’s just the same principle with HVAC Systems, “Maintenance is cheaper than repairs!” Frank Gay Services expert services are uniquely tailored to ensure that a homeowner gets a full status report of their system as well as useful advice on any matter that affects their system.

No More Emergencies: having a well-maintained HVAC system spares you the horrors of having to wake up at night after a sudden system breakdown. These unwanted emergencies can be avoided by regularly carrying out maintenance tasks on your system. Florida is well-known for having sweltering Julys, and you wouldn’t want to have an HVAC emergency during that time of the year.

Increased System Lifespan: Regular HVAC System Maintenance is one of the surest ways of increasing your system’s durability. This is because more maintenance often translates into fewer breakdowns during its lifespan.

Cost-effectiveness: periodic maintenance of your HVAC system is not only cheap, but it also increases your system’s lifespan; which means you won’t have to buy a new system after every few years. At the current economy, no one would second guess saving a couple of dollars this way.

You Get to Enjoy a Healthier Home Environment: having a well-maintained HVAC System highly minimizes the health risks to all members of your household. Due to the regular cleaning during maintenance, your HVAC system often expels clean and very safe air into your home’s atmosphere. This also saves you more money in terms of medical bills that may have arisen from illnesses caused by dirt-filled air.

A Few Things You Need to Know About Changing You HVAC System Filter

The filter plays a vital role in your HVAC system’s performance. In most cases, having a dirty filter can adversely affect your system’s functionality in many ways, or it can even lead to damages because of the dust and debris accumulating in the system. Seeing as changing an HVAC System filter is a simple DIY task, it is advisable to carry it out regularly so as to avoid clogging and overheating of the system.

Luckily, some advanced systems often go into safe mode automatically in such a situation. Safe mode in an HVAC system occurs when the system starts fanning out unconditioned air; which may not be safe or comfy for you. That’s why you should call Frank Gay Services HVAC Services for expert assistance and advice in case you notice this glitch in the functioning of your system.

Technician checking duct system

Factors That Determine When to Change a Filter:

Type: There are two main types of filters namely disposable and washable HVAC air filters. Frank Gay Services HVAC professionals recommend that you replace your disposable filters or clean your washable filter once every month to prevent dust and debris build-up.

Your home’s state of affairs: depending on dust and dirt is present in your home’s atmosphere; your filter is bound to get dirty in a very short time. That’s why it is highly recommended that you change/clean your filter more often in case your home is dusty or has lots of pet hairs. Regular maintenance checks will help you know when to replace or clean your filter.

The Procedure:

HVAC System filters are very easy to replace or clean. You can change them by following the steps listed below;

  • Look for it in the part of the HVAC system that’s inside your home
  • Find the filter in the air exchange system just next to the area where the conditioned air moves into the system’s ductwork
  • Slide the old filter out easily
  • Note the way the old filter was fitted in the system so that you can insert the new filter back in the same way
  • Clean or replace the old filter with a clean or new one

There you have it! A few important things you need to know about your HVAC system, some excellent points to help you decide when you should call Frank Gay Services HVAC services and some things you need to consider when weighing your options on DIY Vs. Professional Jobs.

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