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How Do UV Light Air Purifiers Work?

do uv-c air purifiers work

Historically, ultraviolet (UV) light has been used to disinfect water, surfaces, and air. Does this technology work against microbes or improve the air quality in your home?


Our air purification pros at Frank Gay Services describe how UV air purifiers work, and just how effective they are. Keep reading for a healthier home:



Do UV-C Air Purifiers Work?

 UV air purifiers are designed to use short-wave UV light (UV-C) to reduce indoor air pollutants.  “Ok I know but How Do UV-C Air Purifiers Work?They do this by using UV light to inactivate airborne pathogens like mold, viruses, and bacteria in the air.  


This technology is also referred to as UV germicidal irradiation and differs from other air purifier technologies that contain UV light.  


On the market today, you can purchase UV-C air purifiers as stand-alone devices or systems that are installed into your pre-existing HVAC unit.  



There are many advantages to installing a UV air purifier in your home, from keeping the air you breathe clear of pathogens to ensuring that your HVAC unit can run efficiently. Call us for a consultation—  (407) 329-9808



How Do UV Purifiers Work? 


The way that UV air purifiers work is quite simple, as air is forced through the system, it passes UV lamps which disinfect the air using germicidal irradiation. Ultraviolet light bombards pathogens around the UV lamp and in effect damages the DNA that they need to survive. 


Since bacteria are single-celled organisms, they rely on their DNA to live. This is why UV light air purifiers are so effective. If a bacterial cell’s DNA is sufficiently damaged, it will trigger a self-destruct mechanism, and effectively render it harmless. 



Installation & Use 


UV air purifiers can be installed in a wide variety of settings to purify the air. Typically, UV light air purifiers are a combination of a forced-air system and another filter such as a HEPA filter. As a result, the UV light purifier works together with other filtration processes to clean the air. 


Depending on the material of the emitter, the wavelength of the light coming from the purifier may be blue or invisible to the human eye. Residential units generally use mercury lamps that emit a wavelength of UV-C light of around 254 nm.  


UV-V lamps that are used in germicidal purifiers are silent and the glow is invisible to the human eye. Some UV-C devices also produce light in this wavelength; generally, these devices say that this provides additional IAQ control. UV-V light attacks bacteria, chemicals, and odors in your home. 



Tip: UV bulbs need to be replaced yearly depending on the model of your UV air purifier.  



From UV light air purifiers to air duct cleaning, we have the right air purification solutions to create a healthy space for your Orlando home. Call our local experts today!  



How Effective Are UV Air Purifiers? 


Though UV-C light can deactivate microbes, the effectiveness in air disinfection depends on several factors including: 


  • Whether the pathogens encounter the UV light 
  • Whether the light has been inhibited by the cooling effect of the airflow 
  • The material of the bulb emitting the light. 
  • The dosage of light required. 
  • How long the pollutant was exposed to the light 


With many UV light air purifiers, insufficient UV lamp intensity, proximity, and dwell time can make pollutant inactivation improbable. A 6” lamp creates less dwell time and less chance of inactivation than a 16” lamp would.  


So, in terms of effectiveness, the question that needs to be asked is whether your UV light purifier has sufficient lamp intensity and whether it can keep contaminants close enough and long enough to cause inactivation.  



Install a UV Light Purifier in Your Home  


Clean the air in your homeAt Frank Gay Services, we offer innovative UV light disinfectant products for your Orlando area home. UV light systems can help you prevent the spread of germs, viruses, and bacteria within your home, and ensure that the air you and your family breathe is healthy year-round. 


If you need help choosing the right air purifier, we would be happy to help you choose the right product for your home! 


Foster healthy air for everyone in your home. Call Frank Gay Services today—  (407) 329-9808

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