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Top 6 Reasons AC Units Fail During Summer

Why Does My AC Go Out Every Summer?

During the summer season, air conditioning plays a crucial role in cooling. An air conditioner is usually the most conventional and effective way to cool your home. One must ensure that it is working properly before the hot season kicks off. If it’s not working well, you should seek professional repair services. So, if you keep wondering why your ac breaks every summer, the following are some of the top reasons why air conditioners fail during summer.

Clogged Air Filter

Air filters tend to clog very fast during the summer period. This is because dust particles are captured every time the conditioner is turned on. They get trapped which leads to clogging. This can result in inefficiency or system breakdown. The obstruction of these dust particles can lead to freezing. Once the air filter is clogged it can overheat and in the long-run result to ac not working. Secondly, if you overwork the machine to push air through the filter, the system could lead to increased power consumption which can result in higher bills. Thirdly, it can result in unhealthy air when dust particles start circulating in your home. Lastly, it can lead to an inability to control the indoor air temperature. To avoid instances of clogged air filter, it’s important to do frequent air filter checks.

Refrigerant Leak in the System

show an ac breaks every summer

When air conditioners are working properly, the refrigerant should not be lost. To know if there is a refrigerant leak, the air conditioner might take longer to cool your house. This is because a refrigerant is supposed to take the hot air outside through proper air conditioning and heating. Secondly, if you suspect a hissing sound from the conditioner, the refrigerator will leak through the hole which produces a hissing sound. To avoid this problem, all refrigerant lines should be checked frequently.

Outside Fan Not Working

Heat cannot be transferred correctly from your house if the fan is not working well. The safety can be overloaded due to overheating. The fan can stop working if the capacitor is not functioning well. Further, the fan motor could wear and tear. In addition, the belt could be lost or broken leading to the fan not spinning well. The air compressor can also get damaged. Fan issues can be avoided by doing tune-up at least once a year to restore the system for efficient heating and cooling.

Thermostat Sensor Problems

A thermostat measures the desired temperature. It works alongside with a sensor whose work is to activate the compressor. If the sensor is not working, the thermostat turns off. You should contact a professional to adjust the sensor to avoid such problems.

Faulty Wiring

The controls for the fan and compressor are subject to wear and tear. The air conditioner wires could also get corroded. The system can fail to get power due to faulty wiring. It’s recommended that you seek professional help to ensure you have proper electrical connections.

Capacitor Failure

Capacitors can stop the system from functioning. They are usually found on the circuit boards. If their strength declines, they will not function properly. They are likely to be shortened by heat hence the need to have the right air conditioning repair.

Once you ensure the above issues are handled well through proper maintenance, you will save money on your air conditioning all summer long.

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