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Tips for Choosing the Right Air Conditioner Size for Your Commercial Properties

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Are you the owner of a piece of commercial property here in Orange County? Perhaps you are in the process of buying land somewhere in the Orlando area and already know that you will need to supply the air conditioning unit for the building. In either case, it is essential that you choose the right air conditioner size for your commercial property.

Here at Frank Gay Services, we are the HVAC experts folks like you can trust to take care of all of your commercial air conditioning needs. We have experience with the high levels of heat and humidity that make air conditioning such an essential aspect of building management here in Central Florida.

Whether your commercial property is home to your personal business endeavors or is a real estate venture designed to bring in rental income, you must have the temperature regulated to keep everything functioning well.

The size of your air conditioner will be based on several factors, including the size of the facility. If you have special needs for the building, you might need to utilize units for your issue. For instance, if you will have certain technological, chemical or edible items in the place, you might have legal and/or ethical requirements to adhere to regarding temperature and temperature regulation.

Fortunately for you, here at Frank Gay Services, we are familiar with everything there is to know about air conditioning in the city. Residents and business owners alike consider us the “go-to” company for air conditioning needs. And, in Orlando, those needs are high.

With winter barely distinguishable from the rest of the year, Orlando is great for those wishing to escape the oppressive snow and frigid temperatures of northern life. Along with the sun and fun is continual heat. While great for pool parties and trips to the beach, most folks want to work in a comfortable, temperature-regulated environment.

Building a new place or upgrading an old one requires deciding which type of air conditioning unit to install. At Frank Gay Services, we are more than happy to assist you with the selection and installation process.

First of all, you want to beware that you do not purchase an oversized HVAC unit. While your initial instinct might be to buy the biggest one possible to stave off the Florida heat, that can prove problematic. Ductwork is designed for the ideal unit; an oversized one will likely restrict proper airflow.

On top of that, the unit will continually cycle on and off. It will burn out more quickly and cause long-term structural damage to your home due to the repeated rapid temperature swings. Small amounts of condensation on outside walls and floors accumulate and create rot, along with other issues.

Selecting a unit that is too small is equally troubling. In that instance, you will not be able to keep the place cooled off. The unit will run constantly while you sweat. Your power bill will rise and nobody will ever be comfortable!

Generally speaking, commercial properties will need to have multi-stage units installed. Single-stage models are sometimes indicated for smaller buildings. Let our experts help you determine which of these will be best for your needs.

If the rental spaces in the property are completely independent, you might also consider using single units.

There are some things that you can begin to check out yourself, such as understanding BTUs and how this influences your commercial air condition size choice. A single British Thermal Unit is how much heat will be required to increase a pound of water by one degree Fahrenheit.

A similarly important unit involved in air conditioning is the ton. This measurement is equal to 12,000 BTU.

In either instance, you will need to figure out how much heat you need to be removed from your establishment based on size. While zone can be a factor as well, since we are in Florida, that is already established!

When using a calculation chart, you should recognize that these involve traditional 8-foot high ceilings. If your commercial property has cathedral ceilings or otherwise raised height, you will have to make adjustments.

Do you know where the unit will be located? Quite often, our home and business owners have not given that aspect of the new commercial air conditioner much consideration. However, this is an important choice to address.

A rooftop system, split system or even an air handler system might be in order. Where is the current unit located? Do you want to use the same spot? Upon inspecting your system, we might recommend a different location, particularly with older properties.

There are many things that will be important factors when we advise your air conditioner options. With older properties, you might need to make upgrades to the insulation, windows and other potentially drafty locations, in order to have your unit operate efficiently. If you are leaking cold air or have heat seeping in, it will be impossible for even a brand new unit to keep the place in good shape.

You can also make choices for your property that will enhance your air conditioning efforts. For instance, trees and shrubs are fantastic for blocking some of the hot Florida sun from beating down on the folks inside buildings. Consider planting some outside the vulnerable walls on your commercial property.

Likewise, see what you can do to upgrade your windows. In addition to proper seals, you might want to consider using double or even triple-paned windows to minimize the amount of heat that comes in as a result. Alternatively, you might want to use plantation shutters to adjust the temperature and light while adding to the aesthetic and real value of the property.

At Frank Gay Services, we are dedicated to helping home and business owners in Orlando and throughout the county in getting the best air conditioner possible. Contact us for a complete consultation regarding your current system and what you need to do for your upgrade. Our expert technicians will be glad to assist with your cooling needs! Contact us by visiting our contact page, we are open 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

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