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Poor Indoor Air Quality Issues

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The Causes of Poor Indoor Air Quality

When you want to be sure that you can make the most of your indoor air quality, there are a few things that you will need to keep in mind. When you have bad indoor air, it can contribute to a host of issues, such as allergy problems, sinus infections, colds, and skin conditions. If this is something that you want to key in on in order to make the most out of your health and safety, read these points below in order to learn all about the main causes of poor indoor air quality.

#1: You Don’t Have Enough Fresh Air Coming in and Out of Your Home

One of the biggest causes of poor indoor air quality is not having enough fresh air coming in and out of the home. This can happen due to clogged areas, poor air quality in your local and surrounding area and hot, still air. This can cause rows to get muggy and can also increase the amount of humidity inside of your home, which can cause skin irritation and cause your walls to swell. The best thing you can do is increase the free flow of air throughout the course of your home so that you are best able to keep your household at its absolute best.

#2: You Have a Broken or Malfunctioning Ventilation System

When your ventilation system is not up to par, this will cause air to stand still throughout your home, which is never a good thing in terms of your air quality. This is also one of the ways that mold manifests in your home and your home gets filled with mildew and becomes swampy. This can also bring about pests and will create a series of irritation throughout your home. By increasing the free flow of air inside of your home again, you will be in a good position to keep it flowing and to do away with some of the issues that otherwise are plaguing the household.

#3: Your Building Encountered Pesticides and Noxious Gases

In a lot of situations, you will accidentally ruin your indoor air quality when you allow pesticides and gases to run amok throughout your building. For example, things like fumigations and bug sprays can be helpful in eradicating a pest problem in your home, but they can also create problems with breathing throughout the course of your household. If you happen to use any sorts of pest control products or fumigation applications, make sure that you increase your ventilation and open your windows. Doing this will allow you to prevent nausea and contamination that can happen throughout your household. Make sure that you give the application plenty of time to dissipate before going back inside of your home.

#4: You Are Dealing With Microbiological Contaminants

One of the worst things inside of your home that can damage your indoor air quality is microbiological contaminants. If this is the case, you will need to get in touch with a contractor who can help you get rid of these contaminants through thorough inspection.

#5: You Are Contending With Mold or Other Issues

A very common issue in the home that people deal with is the prevalence of mold. Mold comes about whenever you allow water to sit on fixtures throughout your home for a great period of time, to the point that it breeds bacteria mold. The mold not only spreads rapidly, it features a mildew like smell which can greatly decrease the quality of the air in your household. Further, mold is an incredible irritant to your lungs and respiratory system. So when you breathe it in, you may develop infections and other sorts of problems that can be difficult to contend with.

#6: Your HVAC System Is on the Fritz

It is critically important that you keep your HVAC system up to par. One of the biggest reasons that your indoor air quality is compromised is when you fail to change out the filters. If you let your filters get dirty and cluttered, your airflow will be backed up and it will be difficult for you to breathe it in.

In order to keep your indoor air quality up to par, you should make sure that you bring in a professional who can inspect the system and make any repairs. Doing this will make sure that your HVAC system gives you the excellent performance that you need and deserve along the way. You will also be able to keep your bills under control so that your system is not wasting energy.

#7: You Have Problems With Your Exhaust, Gas Vents, Fireplace or Chimney

One of the most dangerous issues of indoor air quality involves carbon monoxide poisoning. This type of poisoning comes about often whenever you have fumes, gases and other materials backed up inside of your home. Things, like cleaning your flue and keeping your fireplace and chimney from getting backed up, can prevent this. You should also make sure that you have a carbon monoxide monitor and alarm installed inside of your household. Doing this gives you the opportunity to avoid potentially fatal poisoning and poor air quality.

Take these tips into consideration so that you are able to keep your indoor air quality at its best so that you don’t have to deal with poison and breathing issues. Contact us for further information on poor indoor air quality.

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