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How Permanent Backup Generators Work

The last few hurricane seasons have been more active than previous years which has spelled disaster for many Florida cities including downed power lines, yard debris, property damage, and lack of electrical power 


Even with the power companies doing everything that they can to restore power during an outage, sometimes people are without power for days. The solution? A whole-house permanent backup generator for your home.  


Our electricians at Frank Gay Services discuss how permanent backup generators work, and how they can protect you and your family during an extended power outage.  



What is a Whole House Permanent Backup Generator?  


Permanent backup generators are installed on a concrete pad outside of your home and are connected directly to your home’s electrical system. They can provide uninterrupted power for days and run on natural gas or propane. You can also choose what appliances that you want them to power to help conserve energy and have flexibility.  


Be aware: Since permanent backup generators use both gas and your home’s electrical system, it is best to leave the installation and maintenance of them to the professionals at Frank Gay Services. Call us if you need the help of a local expert –  (407) 329-9808


When the Power Goes Out 


When the power goes out, your permanent backup generator automatically switches your home to generator power. When the main power grid comes back on, the generator will switch your home back to the main power grid.  


No need to mess with gas cans or starting up the generator in the middle of the night or having to go out during a storm!  



Benefits of a Permanent Backup Generator  


  • Automatic switching on and off.  
  • Uninterrupted power supply 
  • No spoiling of frozen or refrigerated foods. 
  • The AC will stay on, keeping you comfortable. 
  • Automotive-style engine (instead of lawn-mower style on a home standby) 
  • Liquid-cooled on larger models, instead of air-cooled 
  • Reduced noise (lower RPMs) 
  • Longer maintenance intervals 
  • Load Management & A/C Shedding Options 
  • Back up the entire home (instead of only backing up essential circuits) 
  • Fuel-Efficient   



Permanent vs. Portable Generators  


While portable generators are useful in some situations, permanent backup generators are more efficient and work more quickly.  


Portable generators are usually powered by gas, and if the power goes out during a storm you will have to fumble with the gas can to get the generator filled and get the generator running. Not with a permanent generator, as switch on automatically as soon as they sense a power outage. Portable generators also give off carbon monoxide, which is extremely dangerous. 


The automatic switch on a permanent backup generator can also double as a surge protector and can help prevent back-feeding electricity which can start fires in your home 


Further, you may be eligible for a discount on your homeowner’s insurance when you install a permanent generator.  



Not sure what size permanent generator you need to power your home? Call our electricians at Frank Gay Services and we will help you decide—  (407) 329-9808



Generator Costs & Maintenance  


While a permanent backup generator has a larger price tag than a portable generator, you must consider that you are paying for peace of mind and a permanent solution for power outages to protect your home.  


Just like any machine, a permanent generator needs regular servicing, so you will want to schedule regular maintenance seasonally and following 24-48 hours of continuous use.  



Install a Permanent Generator 


Keep your family safe and sound – not to mention comfortable – this hurricane season with a permanent backup generator!  


Frank Gay Services offers installation and maintenance of top-of-the-line home backup power systems. If you are interested in learning more about permanent generators or are ready to install one, call on our pros at Frank Gay Services—  (407) 329-9808


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