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How to Stop a Leaking Faucet

a leaking faucet
Do It Yourself Guide and Phone Number for 24/7 Plumber

Do you have a leaking faucet? It just maybe nothing, or it could be a sign of bigger problems laying underneath.  Is it time to pull up the sleeves and fix it for yourself, or do you need to call a professional technician? Here is instruction on how to stop a leaking faucet.

If you are going for the DO IT YOURSELF to stop a leaking faucet, then we suggest the following steps:

  • Before you start tapping into the faucet or doing any twisting or turning, be sure to shut off the water to the sink.
  • All faucet have screws and washers, so before you continue make sure you cover the sink drain with a drag of something so that you can catch falling parts.
  • Make sure you put duct tape on the jaws of your wrench so that you don’t scratch any of the fixtures.
  • Ensure that you have a flat and clean surface so that all the parts you’ve taken out can be placed on so that you know where each parts go.
  • If your parts are hard to turn and get out, be sure to use distilled white vinegar to remove all the mineral deposits.
  • Next, you will need to find a faucet that matches your current one and then replace the new one with the old one.

Remember, performing a replacement for a leaking faucet can be time-consuming and tricky. If you’ve tried it and was unsuccessful, then it is time to call a technician who can perform the job for you.  Our technicians are professionals who are trained and knows all the ins and outs of replacing leaking faucets.

We are one of the few licensed companies in Florida that have been in service since 1970s and our customer LOVE our professionalism when performing the task. We are extremely reliable and our clients know that they can depend on us when it comes to having technical problems with plumbing.

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