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How to Fix A Toilet That Keeps Running

how to fix a toilet that keeps running

A toilet that keeps on running is a problem that can drive you and your family crazy. It can waste a lot of water and force you to pay higher water bills for no reason. This is a problem that you will want to address quickly since the longer it persists, the costlier it becomes for you. Do not panic yet since a running toilet does not automatically allude to a severe plumbing problem. This article will look at the most common issues that can lead to a running toilet and the best way of fixing them. Read on and find out how to fix a toilet that keeps running;

Understanding How a Toilet Works.

You are better off addressing this problem once you know how the toilet works. While toilets might be different, the principle of operation is the same. Open up the lid and flush it severally while noting how things move inside the tank. When you flush, a chain is lifted, and this opens up a flapper at the bottom of the tank that allows water to flow into the bowl. When the handle is released, the flapper covers the hole and water starts accumulating in the tank. A plastic float rests above the water, and it is used to show the valve that allows water to come in from the main supply that the level is high enough and it should stop letting more water in. The tank has an overflow tube in the middle that drains water in the bowl once the level gets too high.

How Do You Fix A Toilet That Keeps Running?

It has been mentioned that a toilet that keeps on running is a small one with significant implications. Here are the common causes of this problem and how to fix it;


This is one possible cause of continuous running. If you suspect that it is leaking, you can inspect it through a very simple way. Flush the toilet and after the flapper shuts the hole, add some food color to the water in the tank. Let this stay overnight and check whether the water in the bowl has changed color the next day. If it has changed, then water has been leaking from the tank, and you need to find out why. Read on and find out.

The Flapper.

This is the next possible culprit since its work is to stop water from flowing into the bowl when the handle has not been flashed. If the water is leaking through it, then the toilet will keep on running in an attempt to fill the tank and allow the floating plastic valve to close. The flapper moves, and over time, it may become worn out since it has a rubber layer that keeps the hole closed. When this happens, it won’t be able to seal off the water entirely and you might be required to buy a new flapper. It is fixed to the bottom of the tank with some pins, and you can unhook its sides and inspect it for any signs of damage. Replace it with a new and identical one and flush the toilet and see if it still runs.

Water Levels.

The water level can be another problem that causes this continuous running. The tanks have a line where the water needs to be filled up to. On the other side, if the water level goes above this line, then water will continuously flow into the overflow tube and make it run. Flush your toilet and watch if the water is flowing into the overflow tank. Try this severally and if it happens, adjust the water level by lowering the level of the floating ball. At the end of the floating plastic, there is a fill valve that closes the water inlet, and you can also check it. The work of the floating plastic is to tell if the fill valve should close the water inlet and consider replacing the valve as well if the problem persists. Doing it is not easy, and it might be advisable to contact a reputable top plumber in Orlando and have them replace the fill valve.

The Toilet Chain.

If the problem persists, you might want to inspect the chain. The chair’s role is to raise and lower the flapper. Open the back of the tank and examine the chain. It has a hook that is attached to the flapper, and if it is undone, then it could be the problem. If the chain is too long, then it could come between the flapper and the hole thus making it unable to seal it off and prevent water from flowing. If it is too short, then it cannot allow the flapper to seal the hole well and needs replacement.

Some of the common issues that might make a toilet to run continuously have been mentioned and so have been the best ways of fixing them. This problem can be hard to fix especially if the issue is complicated and, in that case, hiring a plumbing contractor might be the best course of action to take. However, the mentioned issues are what bring about these problems, and you should comfortably solve it once you have gone through them.

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