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Home Air Conditioners

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Repair, Replace, and Maintain Home Air Conditioners

Summer is approaching soon, and before we know it the beach is calling our name. I personally love the beach; which is why I bought a house in the beautiful Daytona Beach.  My house is literally 10 minutes from the beach and I enjoy spending time at the beach.  But as a Floridian resident, I understand that with the summer comes the sweltering heat.  It isn’t fun if you have to come home from a long day of work and your house is hot and you are sweating.

Many reasons could be the cause of that situation:

  1. You didn’t pay the electricity bill.
  2. You want to save money and didn’t want to pay for AC.
  3. Your home air conditioners are broken and need repair or maintenance.

If you are seeking home air conditioners repair and maintenance than Frank Gay Services is the place call   (407) 329-9808 .

The general rule of thumbs for most homes is to have a professional technician go out and check the A/C system once each year.  Even though your system may be operating, it may not be operating at the most efficient state.  And the reason for that is that during the year as the HVAC system operates, it may accumulate dust and dirt in some of the most important parts of the system, such as the condensing coils and air filters. In the case you’ve left it unchecked by a professional each year, the chance of it building up each year is very high and it can decrease the efficiency of the A/C system by up to 7% annually; this, in turn, translates to a house that doesn’t cool so fast.

There are many companies out there that will compete to get your services, but there is only one great company that cares about your house as much as you do, and that company is Frank Gay Services. Our certified technician is there for you 24/7. Give us a call today.   (407) 329-9808 .

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