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Home » Air Conditioning Service » Best Tech: Boiler and Hotel Department

As a company we work as one, all members contribute to make this company the way it is today; and we are ever grateful for the professionalism and services that each and every technician contributes. Today we honor Mike McCune for his hard work and dedication to the company.

Mike McCune heads up our boiler and hotel department. He has been a great asset to the team.

We recently found out that Mike was the only one in Florida to be invited to join the Rhreen Product  Excellent Panel (P.E.P). This group of incredible high skilled specialists were invited from around the country to join in a think tank on improving High-Efficiency Commercial Water Heater.

Mike McCune’s skills on the field and leadership have helped him lead a team of Boiler tech specialists at Frank Gay Services to the next level.  We are proud to serve Orlando and the greater Central Florida regions 24/7.

Our stride for excellence is shown through the group of dedicated specialist technicians we have as a team member ready to serve the community. Call us today and have one of our specialized tech give you a quote.