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Benefits of Hiring a Professional for Your Remodel Project

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Many homeowners choose to update their home instead of listing it for sale and searching for a different one. There are several important reasons for this including their desire to remain in their current neighborhood, proximity to their work location and have built good relationships with their neighbors. If you are a homeowner with a family that has outgrown your current home, you may be considering your best options for expanding your living space.

Some homeowners have the knowledge and skills to take on remodeling projects in the home, but most home updates turn out to be more work and expense than was anticipated. You may be able to handle replacing flooring, painting walls and refacing your kitchen cabinets. This type of updating does require a certain amount of handyman ability but can be satisfactorily accomplished by some people.

Home remodels that will expand the current living space may involve a room addition or a basement or attic conversion. These projects will require proper permitting as well as hiring licensed tradesmen to install wiring and plumbing according to code. While hiring a professional contractor will involve more expense, these more extensive home updates will add value to your home.

Most licensed home remodeling contractors are willing to travel to your home to discuss the details of the project you need to do. The contractor will discuss your ideas with you and may offer suggestions about changes that will be more satisfactory to you in the long run. It is wise to get at least three bids for the job rather than simply hiring the first contractor you interview.

Most qualified remodeling professionals offer a contract that guarantees your satisfaction with the finished project. You can also feel secure in the knowledge that the contractor carries insurance that will cover any accidents or damage that may occur while his crew is on the job.

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Although hiring a professional for your home improvement project will be more expensive than if you were able to do the work yourself, the contractor has access to the right building materials at a discount. You may be able to purchase some items on sale, but the contractor knows which materials are of the best quality and where to get them.

A general contractor is able to bring in the required licensed tradesmen at a lower cost than you would be able to since he already has a working agreement with them. You would need to find these sub-contractors yourself, and it is likely they would not be able to work on your project right away.

There are several remodeling projects that nearly always require the skills of a professional contractor:

Replacing a roof is not only a large project that requires a good deal of knowledge but climbing on the roof can be dangerous. Roofing contractors have the proper equipment and are knowledgeable about installing various types of roofing.

Re-siding a home is very labor-intensive and requires specialized equipment. A professional siding contractor has trained workers with the necessary skills to install several types of siding. Most companies that sell siding include installation, so you will not need to worry about choosing the best bid.

Updating the exterior of a home often includes installing new windows and doors. Whatever company you end up purchasing these items from will also quote their installation estimate. Since the company hires professionals that are experienced in the installation of their products, this is likely your best option.

Although you may be able to accomplish some DIY projects in your home such as painting or replacing the flooring, hiring a professional will give you a better result in the end. This saves time and effort, and you will avoid the unexpected problems that are common with DIY updates.

One of the most important details to consider when hiring a professional remodeling contractor is their reputation. You can ask for references from any contractor you call before making an appointment. It is also possible to find a list of qualified contractors at your local building supply store, or you could go online to search for reviews and recommendations. Contractors who have been in business for many years should be at the top of your list.

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