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Home » COVID-19 Update

The current situation with the COVID-19 affects us all, and the outbreak has brought great concerns that we would like to address.

Best Home Services places the health and safety of our customers and employees as a top priority. We are taking the risk seriously and taking additional precautionary measures to reduce the spread of viruses and germs by following CDC guidelines. This will allow us to serve you safely.

We have elevated our practices to keep you and our employees safe. We have instituted communication lines and protocols should an employee become sick or in contact with someone who is and protocols when we enter a home. They will be required to wear a mask and shoe covers while entering your home. We have asked all employees to refrain from handshakes and to respect social distancing. This will help us eliminate the transmission of viruses and germs while servicing the HVAC, plumbing, or electrical needs in your home.

We also understand that we provide essential services to your family’s home, especially during the warm summer months here in Florida. As we are in uncertain times, we want to reassure you that we have invested in the necessary technology, equipment, and processes to ensure we can continue to serve our community during difficult times, just as we have during the hurricanes of the last 3 decades.

Our goal is to provide our customers with a safe visit. We appreciate your business and the trust you have placed in us to ensure a safe and quality service while we are in your home.

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