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Sewer & Drain Cleaning

We can unclog your drain fast with our Drain Cleaning Service Plumbers in Orlando
At Frank Gay Services our Highly Trained Plumbers can Solve any Drain or Sewer Problems fast and cost effectively. Homeowners in Orlando, and Tampa rely on Frank Gay Services for all their sewer and drain problems. We have the top trained Plumbers and the experience to handle all sewer and drain cleaning needs including plugged toilets, slow kitchen sink drains, main pipe drain, clogged shower drains, tub drains and floor drains.

Our highly skilled plumbing technicians will start by clearing the blocked drain. Next we will inspect to find the cause of the clog. Our sewer and drain cleaning experience shows that it is not always as easy as pouring Drano down the sink or shower drain to clear a problematic drain blockage. We will take time to determine if there is a larger problem that may need our attention and repair if needed. When faced with larger clogged drain problems, our plumbers always have video inspection equipment, as well as high pressure water jetting technology to fix those especially hard to reach clogs and those blockages that won’t budge.

Hydro-Jet Drain Cleaning

Do you have Drains that keep get clogged over and over again?

Solution: Hydro-Jet Drain Cleaning is the most effective way of drain cleaning there is. This technique of drain

clearing removes all of the debris and junk that resonates in your drain. Over time, drains accumulate debris and the inside pipe diameter slowly shrinks, until the pipe is completely clogged. High Pressure Hydro Jetting will certainly put your drain problems to rest!

Grease Blockage In Your Drain

Grease Build Up In Drain over time and electric drain cleaners, only makes a hole in the grease blockage to
provide temporary relief and the problem will re-occur more regularly.

A High Pressure Hydro-Jet or hydro jetter cleaning will remove most, if not all of the grease build up, depending on the total accumulation and the time since your last drain cleaning. After a Hydro-Jetting you can end your drain worries!

Tree Roots In Your Drain

Do you have a drain that is taken over by tree roots and sometimes overflows?

Tree Roots in the Sewer Line!

It seems that trees love to co-mingle with drains and sewer lines. Outside drains are usually made of clay pipe. This clay pipe most often leaks at the joints and the tree roots find that moisture. Very small roots grow into the drain pipe and as they grow it breaks the joints apart, and begins to take over the pipe.

Tree roots most certainly cause sewer backups, which happens more than you would think. Residential home owners can spend a lot of money on maintenance that could be avoided, if caught early. During a sewer backup the water from the sewer line leaks into the ground, and can ultimately damage the building’s foundation.  The surface concrete starts to crack and produces sink holes.  Be a step ahead of this very costly problem and call Frank Gay Services Today for all your Drain and Sewer Cleaning Needs!

high pressure hydro jetting

High Pressure Hydro Jetting

video inspection equipment

Video Inspection Equipment to find blockage

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