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Winter Park, FL Electrical Services

Frank Gay Services delivers high-quality electrical work for residential homes and commercial businesses in Winter Park, Florida. The electrical services we offer aren’t only for your convenience; they’re for your safety. We can install whole-house surge protectors, GFCI outlets, and child-proof outlets to keep you and your whole family safe.
You never have to worry about the professionalism or the quality of service that you’ll receive when you choose Frank Gay Services. Each one of our qualified licensed electricians must pass a thorough background check. Once a new member joins our Winter Park electrical services team, he or she will continue to receive ongoing training all career long.
Overall, our electrical team strives to provide the best possible service to achieve a high level of customer satisfaction. We offer installation, repair, and replacement for all of your electrical service needs.
Call our Winter Park, FL, office at 407-900-0497 to request a service visit from one of our highly skilled
Our goal is to save you both time and money by combining experience, high-quality materials, and exceptional customer service.

Electrical Safety and Repairs

A faulty electrical system is one of the leading causes of structural fires, so it’s vital to hire an experienced Winter Park electrician who is familiar with problems that often affect homes in your neighborhood. Frank Gay Services has been serving homes in Orlando, Winter Park, and throughout Central Florida since 1976.
Our knowledgeable and skilled electricians provide reliable electrical repairs. Don’t take the risk! While some electrical repairs might seem like a simple DIY project, we strongly urge you to avoid electrocution and fire hazards by calling an experienced electrician from our team instead.
The following are some of the electrical services we offer to our customers in Winter Park and Orlando, FL.

Wire replacement

Outdated wiring can cause electrical problems varying from power outlet malfunctions to house fires. One indication of bad or old wiring is when your electricity consistently “overloads” and causes your power to go out. An overloaded system occurs when there is more electricity being transferred over a wire that the system is designed to handle.
Increased safety is the number one benefit to our Winter Park, FL, electrical wiring services, while other benefits include:

  • Increased outlet capacity
  • Installation of mood or accent lighting
  • Outdoor lighting
  • Separate switches for fans and lights
  • Luxury home entertainment systems
  • Hot tub or pool lighting

Fuse box replacement

If you have an outdated fuse box, replacing it could be an essential key to improving the electrical system performance in your Winter Park, Florida, residential home, or office. In many buildings these days, the old utility fuse box has long since been replaced by a modern circuit breaker panel.
The killed electrical contractors from Frank Gay Services know how to assess your electric system and install a new electrical panel. Your Winter Park electrical system will be more functional and safer.

Install an outdoor lighting system

The electrical contractors at Frank Gay Services provide high-quality outdoor lighting systems to homeowners and commercial businesses in Winter Park and throughout Central Florida. We offer both landscape lights and security lighting electrical services. You’ll be thrilled to discover how landscape lighting can enhance your deck, patio, pool, or other outdoor space.
Plus, outdoor security lights can deter wildlife from wandering onto your property and protect your house from intruders. Our electrical team also knows how to strategically place lights in a way to deter intruders. This security lighting system will alert you to suspicious activity on your Winter Park, Florida, residential or company property and increase the chance that trespassers will flee.

Electrical switches and outlets

The Winter Park electricians from our company provide homeowners and commercial business owners with efficient electric systems and outlet services. Whether your outlets are old and no longer meet building codes, or you’re installing new appliances in your home, our team of Winter Park, FL, electricians can help you replace your electrical outlets and switches. Upgrading your outlets will protect you from fire hazards and provide a more reliable power delivery.

Electrical emergency

If you have an electrical emergency, you can reach Frank Gay Services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
One common cause of electrical emergencies in Winter Park, FL, homes and commercial businesses is outdated circuit breakers or wiring. Overloaded electrical components can also be a fire hazard.
Don’t forget to schedule a regular electrical system inspection by a member of Frank Gay Services to help prevent these issues. One of our qualified electricians in Winter Park, FL, will propose durable and cost-effective solutions to each electrical problem we identify.

Generator installation

Hurricanes and tropical storms pose a threat to the electrical systems in Florida. Also, technology developments have led to increased demand for energy, but many older buildings aren’t equipped to meet this demand for energy. These are just two reasons why homeowners in Winter Park, FL, might choose to have home generator power systems installed.
At Frank Gay Services, our Winter Park electricians have installed home generators for local families many times over the years, and we cannot recommend this service enough. After the installation, you can have peace of mind that you always have a dependable source of electricity – no matter what occurs.

Contact Us For Electrical Services in Winter Park, FL

When you need electrical repairs or installation projects completed, you want a professional Winter Park electrician you can trust to do the job right. At Frank Gay Services, all of our electricians are licensed, trained, and skilled to handle any electrical service, no matter how big or how small. What’s more, we provide a wide variety of residential and commercial electrical services to meet your every electrical need.
If you’re in need of electrical services in the Winter Park or Orlando, FL, area, contact us right away to get
started with an electrical services
. Our Winter Park electricians are here for you no matter the time of day or night. Safety and customer satisfaction are our top priorities, but you don’t have to just take our word for it – click to read reviews from our past electrical services
customers and others.