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Home » HVAC » Heat Pump Vs. HVAC: Which is Right for You?

If you are in the market for a new heating and cooling system this year, you may be wondering if you should invest in an air conditioner or a heat pump. This is an important choice for your home’s comfort, so it’s wise to know the advantages and disadvantages of both so you can make an informed decision.  


Luckily, our team at Frank Gay Services has plenty of experience with heating and cooling systems and can help you decide which is best for your household’s needs.  


So, should you install a heat pump or an HVAC? Let’s settle the debate!  



Differences in Operation  


Before deciding between a heat pump or air conditioner, you must learn how each system works. One of the greatest misconceptions circulating about how air conditioners operate is that they create cold air. An air conditioner doesn’t create a chill in the air, but rather moves heat from one area to another in your home.  


The air conditioning process functions as follows: 


  • Warm air from your home is sent through the indoor components of your AC’s cooling system. 
  • Warm air passes over the system’s evaporator coil.  
  • The refrigerant inside the coil pulls heat from the air.  
  • The refrigerant is sent through the lines of your HVAC system to the outdoor components and is then pressurized by the compressor.  
  • The refrigerant moves to the condenser coil, which sends the heat into the outside air.  
  • Now, your home should feel cool! 


Now that you know how an air conditioner works, here’s a secret—heat pumps work in the same way to achieve maximum coolness in your home! They are designed to move heat from inside your home to the outside air to cool your home.  



Air conditioners and heat pumps both function by 
transferring heat from indoors to the outside of your home. 


Air Conditioners vs. Heat Pumps  


While heat pumps and air conditioners operate in the same manner to cool your home, that is where their similarities end.  


Air conditioners may be an effective means to cool your home but are unable to provide heating in the colder months. When temperatures drop, homeowners shut off the AC for the season and utilize heating systems such as furnaces to keep their homes warm.  


Unlike an air conditioner, a heat pump can provide both heating and cooling! A heat pump shifts into reverse to protect your home from the cold.  


  • The heat pumps condenser coils extract heat from the outdoor air, which gets absorbed by the refrigerant.  
  • The refrigerant moves through the indoor system components to the evaporator coils.  
  • Heat energy is radiated from the evaporator coils and mixes with the air circulating through the system to heat your home.  


With a heat pump, you have two systems in one, so if you are looking for a system that does it all, the heat pump wins. But if you have an HVAC system equipped with an air conditioner and furnace, it may be ideal to replace the AC unit instead of switching to a heat pump.  



A heat pump is a two-for-one deal, with  
the power to cool AND heat your house. 



Energy Efficiency  


Energy efficiency is a top priority for many homeowners who are looking to save on energy costs. Both heat pumps and air conditioners measure efficiency based on SEER or “Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio” ratings. Air conditioners and heat pumps with the same SEER rating will utilize the same amount of energy. 


Modern-day air conditioners and heat pumps are both highly efficient, though air conditioners can run into problems when the temperatures are high during the summer months. Air conditioners are designed to function efficiently when the external temperature is no more than 20 degrees greater than inside, which may present problems in Florida’s high-heat summers. 


Heat pumps are more efficient at heating homes than furnaces or other kinds of heating systems. However, it is important to keep in mind that heat pumps are not a great source of heat if the outdoor temperatures drop below 25 or 30 degrees (which doesn’t happen often in Orlando, Florida!).  


Ready to save money on energy costs? Our team at Frank Gay Services can help you choose the most efficient way to heat and cool your home! Call today to learn more—407-329-5145 


Bottom Line  


While heat pumps can be more energy efficient during the cooler months, homeowners in Orlando, Florida who already have an HVAC system in place might prefer to upgrade their HVAC system to a more efficient model rather than installing a heat pump.  


However, if you are relying on window units or space heaters to keep your house cool in the summer and warm in the winter, a heat pump can be a cost-effective option if you are on a budget or if you want to install a system that can do both!  


Heat Pump or HVAC? Frank Gay Has You Covered!  


Whether you want to upgrade an aging HVAC system or install a heat pump in your Orlando home, our team at Frank Gay Services is here to help! If you aren’t sure which system is best for your Orlando, Florida home, we can help you choose based on your heating and cooling needs.  


Ready to get cooling? Call Frank Gay Services for a consultation today—407-329-5145