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Terms and Conditions

Any owner, agent, Management Company or anyone paying for service of Frank Gay Services INC, for Frank Gay Plumbing Inc.

Agree to Fast Track any disputes or services or charges, or damages of property or any tangible property. All Disputes of any of our services, both parties agree to remedy this issue by binding Arbitration agreement. A certified mail to be sent requesting AAA. American Arbitration to Frank Gay Services Inc. 6802 Stapoint Court, Winter Park, FL 32792.

The Associations Rulers of the state of Florida under title #19 of US code. The Arbitrator to be qualified as an experienced ex judge, attorney in which has practiced law with a minimum 10 years’ experience.

Any party who fails or refuses to commit to arbitration following a lawful demand by any direct party will bare all cost and expenses incurred by such other party in compelling Arbitration of any dispute. The arbitrator must be chosen by both parties with-in 3 months and at hearing within 5 months or before.

Arbitrator will resolve the disputes in accordance to factors and evidence the non-prevailing party must pay all cost of Arbitrator. Also any bills, fees, interest 18% allowed by law.

For cases in venue of small claims courts those may be handled under that jurisdiction of $5,000.00 of less. Arbitrators AAA cases will be for cases over $5,000.00.

No bad media may not be exposed against either party until AAA Arbitrator award was handed down by ex-judge or attorney of Arbitration, any section which may not be upheld as FL law all other verbiage to be upheld and remain.

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